Canadian Money

minnie_txDecember 16, 2006

My son just gave me some Canadian bills and I was wondering how much they are worth in US Dollars. I have 3 ones, 1 five and 1 ten. thanks in Advance

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Canadian one dollar bills have not been in circulation for years, keep them as souvineers.

For the other $15.00 you may get $13.00 US.

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Thanks, I didn't know that about the ones. Was there a reason they were taken out of circulation? Just wondering. What do you all use for "change"?

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We have a coin called a "loonie" for a one dollar bill, and a coin called a "toonie" that replaced the 2 dollar bill.

And then like you we have dines, nickles and pennies.

Have you never been to Canada??

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Hey, J B - what about "quarters"?

Minnie - a Buck Canadian will buy about 87 cents U.S., these days. But some U.S. banks, especially smaller ones, don't like 'em.

The Dollar is probably the most-used piece of currency, and our mint felt that it would cost much less to make a coin than to make about 25 paper dollars or so over a period, as the first and subsequent ones wore out.

The Loonie, as you know, is a bronze colour, so there isn't the problem that some in the U.S. had with the U.S. Dollar coins, fearing that, as they weren't much larger than a quarter, they may have given some out, instead.

The Twonie, or Toonie, is a $2.00 coin, with a silver-coloured ring on the outside and a brass-coloured insert.

So the coins are distinctive.

Of course, if a man carries a lot of them around in his pocket, he has been known to hang a little low on one side. Same with a woman (unless she carries two purses, one in each hand). But then ... how can she carry parcels? Kids (after they've departed the central position that they occupied, initially, that is)?

Have a lovely week, everyone - looking forward to Christmas (if that celebration is important to you).

ole joyful

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Thanks for all the info. I'll pass it on to my son who likes stuff about coins and stamps.

I never heard of "loonies" before (at least not coin wise)

Merry Christmas to you too OJ.

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Sorry JB I left a "No" out of my response.

I've never been that far north. I was raised in Chicago and at that time we thought that was as far north as was necessary lol. My DS used to go to the Shakespeare plays a lot up there and loved them and the country.

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I go to Canada about once a year. I drive over the border at Niagara Falls. I save any Canadian coins and use them next year. Paper money I change at any bank.

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