Fixing wall corners

scrookstonFebruary 24, 2013

In our new home many of the outside wall corners have opened up. Is it better to repair it when the space is there or after it comes together again? How would you suggest doing it and with what materials? My husband is talking about some kind of elastic silicone but doing it when it is back together in the spring. Any help is appreciated. Would like so it doesn't happen again!!

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

corner bead

Here is a link that might be useful: corner bead

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Paint will NOT bond to silicone. We are not told if these corners are interior or exterior. We are not told what materials are involved.

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Sorry, these are interior wall corners, but on walls that are on the exterior walls. Hope that makes sense! They are sheet rocked walls primed and painted with SW paint.

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I'm assuming you are referring to corners on the outside of the house, right? (Corner bead, referred to above, is only used for interior sheetrock corners.)

Some more info would help. What are the materials that are gapping (wood, vinyl, aluminum, etc.)? Are these gaps at outside corners, or inside corners (like where a portion of the exterior wall extends out)? How big is the gapping? If you posted a picture here it would help a lot.

The gapping could be a seasonal issue or it could be normal shrinkage of new materials that are shrinking as they give up additional moisture.

Depending on the amount of shrinkage, a paintable caulking may work, or you may need some other approach depending on what the materials are and how the corners are constructed...which is why more info is needed. In any case, caulking when the gap is smallest or closed up is a sure way to have it fail if this is due to seasonal expansion and contraction.

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Hi, The walls are inside of the house but on the exterior walls. That being said I doubt you have any outside corners except maybe around windows. So if that is the case your problem is with inside corners, they have no corner bead. I would suggest you use a paintable caulk
used to install windows, very flexable.
Good Luck Woodbutcher

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Post a photo of the problem so people here have some idea of the size of the opening.

For very minor cracks, I have used paintable caulk to fill it.

I have a much bigger problem with a corner and have to replace the corner bead. I just ordered some No-Coat. It can be used on interior corners.

Here is a link that might be useful: No-Coat

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Yes right to post a photo to show the problem.
in my mind, for exeterior wall, it usually uses the composite aluminum panel. but no idea for a wall conner.

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