Popcorn ceiling cracked between foyer/dining room

donnasophiaOctober 28, 2013

My solution to popcorn ceiling with crack between the foyer & dining room. Scrapped off popcorn and designed faux tray ceiling. The first layer consisted of 12 inches of plywood around edges of both rooms, with the area between the rooms completely filled in. Next, drywall about 7 inches of sheetrock all around the edges of both rooms (and another layer over the area between each room), like a reverse wedding cake. The result being the look of two seperate trays.
After arguing with hubby and contractor, that my detailed instructions would never work, I said "ok just do whatever you want". Hubby left, then contractor went to lunch. Before I left, I left him a note, "After rethinking this, I've decided to stick to my original plan." Viola, got just what I wanted, they ate crow. Are there any contractors left that will do what you want without arguing?
I did all the painting and made my own stencils. I used plaster for a 3D look.
First picture is Foyer

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Dining room. Added medallion. The two areas where the light fixtures are hanging, are the only areas that you can see, where the popcorn was removed. The rest of the ceiling was covered.

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The crack in the ceiling (between sheetrock) was in the white area. It gave me a reason to get rid of the popcorn and add architectural interest.

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