Please help me replace these ugly sconces!

30somethingJune 29, 2012

Hi. This is my first post here, but I'm sure it won't be my last since I'm seriously style-challenged. These sconces flank this picture in my dining room, and I didn't realize when my husband put them up that they were "permanent." Apparently whatever he used to secure them to the wall will leave a huge hole that won't be able to be patched without it showing on the wall.

So...I'd like to put something else in place of them. Any ideas?

(I'm not terribly attached to the picture either, so if you have suggestions to replace that, I'm open as well.)

Thanks! :)

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Why don't you like the sconces? Is it the color, the style? Certainly the candles don't work there - too short, and not substantial enough for the size of the sconces.

What is the style of the furniture and the other decor in the room? That might help you decide what else you could place on them.

But, if you really want them to go, you could add other candle sconces that you like better. You could do a pair of framed pieces, or even a triptych, that would hide the repaired holes.

It is just hard to suggest things that are too specific without seeing what the whole room looks like.

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Thanks so much for replying. I guess I don't really like them because I really like a more casual look. Maybe the candles are part of the problem though...I never really could figure out why it just didn't look right, but the wall is pretty big, so that picture looked too small on it's own.

My dining and living areas are combined, and I'm getting new living room furniture in a few days, so I'm trying to do some redecorating. I'll post a photo of the whole room when the new furniture gets here to give a better idea, but I'm attaching one of the dining area now. The new furniture is brown.

Any suggestions for what to put on the sconces instead of the candles? Any other ideas for that wall? (I'm also open to ideas for a window treatments for that window!) Thanks so much! :)

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Leave the sconces and add another picture, maybe 14"x 20", above each of the sconces. You could also add some sort of iron grille work above the picture to continue the arrangement. With the large wall, you'reboott limited to only 5 pieces, but the overall finished look is more appealing if odd numbers are used.

Re:the picture, how about a black/white print in a black frame? Since the sconces are too difficult to remove, paint them black also, and like Les has suggested, get candles that are more substantial,maybe 4" width bt 6" high.

A rug on the floor would add some pizzazz, and a colorfull large bowl on the table~red, orange, aubergine? Sorry, couldn't help myself.;o;

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Annie Deighnaugh

I don't mind the sconces....but if you want them more casual you can paint them a fun color to "relax" them some. So let's say you get a colorful fabric to use as drapes in the this

Then you could pull the teal out of the fabric and paint the sconces that color, then get some orange fiesta ware plates or something to put on the sconces.

Then swap out the art for something that coordinates and you've gone from dark and formal to fun and casual. Then pull some of the soft blue in the fabric to use on the table top and you are well on your way.

Or you could put potted plants on there...something that dangles like pothos or ivy so the sconces become less visible. (some may argue but you could do live or good quality fakes)

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The drywall can be repaired. Remove one of the sconces and take a photo and post it.

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I'd take the sconces and the art down, and hang either one large colorful print/painting, or a collection of pictures (obviously being sure to cover the wall damage, if it really can't be repaired). That is a large wall -- it can handle a big piece of art.

Then maybe you can use the art as inspiration for more color in the room -- for example, for drapery colors.

If/when you do get drapes, they need a larger, more substantial rod. That looks like it's a large window, from what I can see? The little rod seems too delicate for the size of the window.

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I think you could use fatter more colorful candles on your scounces. I would put some greenery..maybe ivy hanging down and a fat colorful candle sitting in front of it. Naturally it would have to be artificial. I can see one picture with two smaller pictures covering the holes where the scounces are also.

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Thank you for the replies. I'm sure the hole could be covered up by a pro if the sconces were removed, but my hubby is no pro! :)

Some of your ideas inspired me to go look around for fresh decor, so I may just replace the picture, too. I'm still trying to figure out what *my* style is, and I'm sure I'll have more questions along the way. Thank you again.

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You could remove the picture altogether, and then use the sconces as brackets for a shelf. Then prop up all sorts of items on the shelf.

And please take away DHs tool kit until he understands that what goes up must come down.

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You may install some beautiful shape of wall lamps instead.

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30something - YOU can be the pro. Those sconces are NOT that big. They make self adhesive patches that can be positioned over the holes and spackled over (a LOT easier that cutting a dry wall patch and trying to install and spackle over). Finishing the edges of where the new spackle and existing wallboard come together is a bit of an art, but with a little patience you can get the edges feathered out and smooth. Youtube it!

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I just removed three screws attached to a wall using those big white plastic anchors. Use spackle to fill the holes (take the anchors out if there are some). Let it dry, wipe it with a wet sponge to remove the excess spackle around the holes, sand and add more spackle if needed. Sand it smooth with the wall and paint over it. Easy as pie!

You just need spackle, sanding sponge, sponge, and paint.

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Frank in another post is looking for something similar to may have a home for them..all Frank needs to do is paint them gold..

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You said: "I'm still trying to figure out what *my* style is, and I'm sure I'll have more questions along the way."

You've come to the right place! Welcome!

Figuring out your style is the fun part. What you might want to do is start a "style book". Just get a three-ring notebook and start putting photos in it. The photos can be rooms from magazines, advertisements, stuff you print from the web -- anything that strikes your fancy.

As you accumulate photos, patterns of style will begin to emerge.

A question about the sconces... are they electrical sconces, or just shelves attached to the wall?

A thought. Would you paint them white? Assuming of course that the picture is replaced with something contemporary.

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Thanks for the advice and the welcome! :)

The sconces are not electrical, and I probably could patch the holes with some instruction. I'm also not opposed to painting them.

As for my style (or lack thereof), I have been recently begun photos of things I see that I like...maybe I could make a digital style book of sorts... Thanks for that idea!

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I think part of the problem is that the picture and sconces aren't connected to anything. They need to be anchored to the room and floor. One way of doing that would be to put a buffet or narrow table that would cover the entire width underneath the grouping.

I would, if it were my room, play with the height of the picture a bit. I think, although not sure, but it might be too high.

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I think blfenton has hit the nail on the head - try putting a console table or buffet underneath, and much bugger fatter candles on the sconces. I can visualize that and I think it will look much better! The picture is a bit "blah" IMO, and since you mentioned you don't love it perhaps look for something that grabs you more and replace it when you find the new art.

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There is no room to put anything against that wall. The dining area is pretty small.

If I keep the sconces, do I need to put the same thing on both of them?

What could go on them besides candles?

Thank you for the help.

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I think with the symmetry of the sconces that yes you do need the same thing on both. Candles would look best IMO but a small vase with flower(s) may work.

You can find very shallow console type tables, so you have 11-14" to spare? It looks like you could fit one from the photos.

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30Something, please post a photo of what you've done in your diningroom since receiving lots of suggestions. As one style-challenged person to another, I will fully understand if you haven't done anything yet. [smile] BTW, I like the print in the photo that you originally posted and the sconces appear to be very pretty. If I'm not too late in offering an opinion, I'm betting that big chunky candles (where the candle dominates the sconce vs vice versa) would look nice. I have other thoughts, too, that wouldn't involve buying additional furniture.

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