$41k garage addition?

JamieFebruary 21, 2012

First, please forgive my double post. I put this on the remodeling forum before I realized that there's not much action over there and that the repair forum gets more visits.

Below is a quote for enlarging an attached single car garage. The existing garage has a passage door and 2 windows. These will be retained and relocated.

The enlarged garage will have a single garage door in front. The existing garage's door is also in the front.

The roof shingles and siding, which will be matched, are not in any way extraordinary. Existing soffit and facia are from 1937, so they might be slightly different from the cheapest thing available today, but they are no where near grand. It is not an especially tall garage.

The quote is lacking the following terms, which are understood by all parties and would be written in before signing: existing 6 X 19 garage will be widened to 25 X 19, and a 6 X 12 storage alcove will be added to one side. The storage alcove will not have attic above. Electrical wiring and outlets will be replaced and extended.

The garage is easy to access. It is not in a tight space, on a hill, or far from the street.

The price seems insane to me, perhaps double what it should be. That is a gut reaction. I know nothing about the nuts and bolts.

Do you see something I could omit or question?

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Sounds about right in a medium priced market, and a low for a high priced market. The excavation and foundation work alone can be 15-20K. Then, this isn't a separate structure. It has to be tied into an existing structure, which is more costly.

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You need multiple bids based on a plan and specification you provide. It will be impossible to compare bids unless everyone is bidding on the same thing.

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Fori is not pleased

Matching the old, reusing stuff...those add quite a bit to price (but I think it's worth doing it).

You'll have to get local bids really to do a proper price check.

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The price is very high because of the great amount of labor involved. My father-in-law had an unattached one car garage built (with slab) for under $10,000.

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It seems a little high, but I don't know what market your in. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what we think the cost should be, but what someone is actually willing to do it for. I wouldn't pay $100 a sq/ft for increased garage space, but some market may be willing to.

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Reporting back on second contractor's price....

Second guy would tear down and rebuild. That saves matching the brick foundation but means more materials. By tearing down he would also be eliminating a little hump at the top of the driveway where water collects.
The cost comes out about $5k less.

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