Merry Chrismas and Happy Holidays to all!!

minnie_txDecember 20, 2003

I hope this greeting finds all expecting a happy holiday time. Perhaps with loved ones and if not, a comfortable chair and radio/Tv program to keep you happy.

I remember on Christmas Day 2000 we had our big ice storm which started with a complete blackout and then no phones, no water, etc. I kept myself and 3 cats warm ala my Sterno Stove and at night listening to a radio program broadcast from Chicago with a lot of the old time Radio Christmas favorites.

My best to all!!!

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My Best back to you! May everyone have exactly the Holiday they envision.

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Merry Christmas Minnie to you and yours. My Husband and I are planning a nice quiet Christmas family at all this year..our children are too spread out aor working....but we will see them all soon anyway .....

Hope everyone has a special Holiday....

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Happy Holidays everyone!

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Though my little Colt car developed a gas tank leak just prior to a 1,550 mile trip (London ON to Regina SK) to spend Christmas with my brother (first in about 50 years), the little car, with standard tranny, is easy on gas, so we only had to stop about 20 times for gas. Worried about gas stations open in middle of night in N MI, MN and ND, but we were O.K., sporting a small gas can - only used it twice.

Driving another 400 mi. or so to attend my nephew's wedding today (Sat. Dec 27) we couldn't attend Boxing Day sales yesterday - but found a (larger) almost new gas can by the roadside - how about that for a bargain?

Also gave a ride to guy carrying gas can who, about 50 miles short of his being at work, was already 45 min. late - so he appreciated out help (even though we had to shoehorn son into back seat, bent like a bow, for about 3 miles).

So this has been a memorable Christmas.

They say that they often bring gas tanks to our (humid) area from dry areas like AZ and AB - so, since I'm in AB now - I guess I'll go gas tank hunting on Mon.

I add my greetings and best wishes to you all for (the rest of) the holidays - and for all of the New Year.

joyful guy/Ed

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Found a gas tank in Edmonton for $50., hauled it the 2,000 mi. or so home.

Customs people asked if we were moving, as back seat full. We replied it's necessary to carry clothing, sleeping bags, food, etc. to survive if car quits when it's -40 degrees or so.

Friends we were visiting in southern Manitoba offered to plug car in, but Ontario cars have few block heaters.

Car started after about three seconds cranking at -39 degrees: turned over very slowly at first, as oil, very cold, was really thick. Oil light was on, meaning no oil pressure, so ran a few seconds, shut it down, let it sit for a few secons, started again, ran a few seconds, shut it down. After about four starts, engine turned over at regular speed.

Oil light went off after about a dozen short-time starts.

Son was distressed at having to buy gas about 35 times on the trip out, as gas tank hole was below half way down tank. I told him that if such a problem were his most difficult in life, he was living a charmed life.

I add my hope that the New Year may bring the fulfillment of some of your worthy dreams - and the establishment of some new ones.

ole joyful

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Fun reading your posts Ed!

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Thasnks, Cattknap,

One can get all bent out of shape if one takes one's self too seriously, I figure.

ole joyful

P.S. Took the gas tank that rode down in the place of honour in the back seat for about 2,000 mi. to the garage, yesterday.

Phone call this morning - it's the wrong tank, and can't have amendments made that will allow it to be used.

So - it's to use the rusty old $75. tank that I bought about a month ago, before the trip out.

Maybe I should send the offending tank back to the Edmonton recycling business - C.O.D.?

Mechanic said that maybe I should sell it on ebay - but I don't know what model it does fit.

not so joyful, today

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