What's happened to everyone around here?

joyfulguyDecember 13, 2006

I've been wondering whether quite a few of you had died ...

... but haven't seen your obit. in the paper.

What happened - cat got your tongue?

Don't tell me that you have no ideas - nothing to say!

If you inhabit northern climes ...

... maybe you've just gone into hibernation.

You know what they say, not only about the physical body, but its mental component, as well,

"Use it - or lose it!!".

Let's hear some mental agility around this place, huh?

Have a happy holiday - a lovely Christmas, if that celebration is meaningful to you.

ole joyful

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Don't post here too much even though we do live in a northern state, just below you, we did not go south this year like last year due to husband's medical trips. But I do enjoy your post on the KT and do hope you have a great Christmas and Santa brings you everything you want.

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Thanks, Marie -

- as for my wants/needs ... they aren't large.

Have a happy weekend.

ole joyful

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