piles of dirt in cellar

grama2February 28, 2012

I own an old house over 100 years old. I have begun to have large piles of dirt forming along the sides of the celler cement floor where it meets the cement foundation walls. My son who lives in this house also has seen a mouse in the house. I don't know how it got in unless it squeezed through a crack opening between the cement block foundation walls. Any guesses to what is causing these large piles of dirt? Thanks!

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mice, rats, moles, some sort of rodent would be my guess as well.

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Pictures would be nice. Could even be termites.

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I don't think they would sit still
long enough to get their picture taken.

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Could be the flaking of a parged coat on the foundation walls. A mouse will get in where ever they want to, especially with an older house.

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Update!!! There is a groundhog/woodchuck living under my shed that is approximately 50 feet behind my house. I've been told that it has had to have been living under it for atleast a year as neighbors have said they have spotted it in my yard. My daughter-in-law saw it yesterday and snapped a pic. I do not know how to place photos on to sites otherwise I would show you what it looks like. After seeing the photo I looked up on the computer for other pics of groundhogs and it definately was a match. I guess my next step is to call an agency to humanely remove it and transfer to the woods somewhere. Then I will have to call some one to come over and look at my foundation. I have no idea how I will be able to move the wooden shed to fill the holes that I am sure are under it. Thanks to those who responded to my original post.

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Fori is not pleased

Awwwwww they are terribly cute! And hopefully not too destructive. Good luck on the backfilling project!

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