Finished Walls; Thanks Brickeyee! Picture Saturated :)

enduringOctober 4, 2012

Here are the finished and painted upper walls of my bathroom that Brickeyee helped me with. Others weighed in and I am grateful for all input.

I will post below, a link to the thread I had about skim coating.

I had another thread about the hole in the ceiling but wont link it here. I will show some process pics of the hole repair. Several helped me with this fix.

Here is the hole in the ceiling with my plastic lath to support the repair:

And finished; I couldn't be happier with the results:

The painted walls. This first picture shows a slight texture that is most likely from the roller. I used BM Bunny Gray, in the Aura Bath and Spa:

Thanks Brickeyee, I hope I made you proud!

Here is a link that might be useful: Help with skim coat options.

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Oh and I have to thank sombreuil_mongrel he posted helpful info on another related thread about oil based primer. I used oil based BM primer after I finished with the skim coating. I worked great.

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You did VERY well.


I am sure you found it it is not hard work, just careful and detailed.

My old plasterer pal died many years ago.

He could do it all day long.

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Fori is not pleased

Wow. If that were in my house, I'd have to have everything else redone. That's way too perfect for my place!

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Flori, thanks for the complement. Get a plasterer if you want a beautifully done wall. I want to next time round:)

Thanks Brickeyee, I so appreciate all the help you give use folks. You encourage and explain. I watched some plasterers online and it is an art. It is physical and almost dance like. If I have to do a wall again I will seriously consider hiring a real plasterer. I love the stuff. Mine pales in comparison.

Now, IT WAS HARD! :) I couldn't get a very thick layer on at a time. Then I had to sand it down. Then I had to add more. And repeat and repeat....

I had a whole bag of easysand in my shopvac, I sanded so much.

This is what it looked like after a million coats of easysand. They are micro layers. So I wouldn't say it is a real serious skim coat job.

I think this is after a layer of oil based primer, but I'm not sure.

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Thanks Barbcollins, It will really be amazing once I get this room finished:)

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Holy moly! That's a good job. When I try stuff like that I don't take my time and it ends up looking worse. Congrats.

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Thanks schoolhouse! I am very slow. I've never done this before. But I am somewhat artistic and can make things. When I am wielding the tools I imagine what an expert might feel and do. Sort of like sports psychology, watching and imagining your sport perfectly played;)

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You did a REALLY great job! I might have to take some lessons-certainly look for your other threads on the step-by-step of this repair. Plaster everywhere here. Very wise to use an oil base primer on the BR walls given moisture. Acrylic paints will adhere SO much better.

I second the thanks to brickeyee and sombreuil_mongrel. Their insight and pragmatic (and specific) suggestions are VERY much appreciated.

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Excellent job enduring!

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SparklingWater, thanks for seconding my appreciation of brickeyee and sombreuil_mongrel! They both contribute a lot to this forum. And thanks for the complement too.

Kalie615, thanks for the complement, much appreciated.

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