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schoolhouse_gwOctober 7, 2012

I want a storm door, but my measurements for the entry are 34" X 81". This is not a standard size. Plus I want retractable screen and the color green. I found a 34"X80" from Chamber Doors and this is how it describes the size:

"Fits Door Opening 33-3/4" to 34-5/8"W x 79-3/4" to 80-5/8"H"

Will this work for me? What about the gap at the top? I think it will be ok on the sides, hopefully whoever installs it can make the necessary tweaks; but not sure at the top. Will it even be something to worry about?

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If you can have the gap at the bottom, you could attach a weather seal to give you the rest on one side. If it looks funny at the front, attach a metal piece (or another weather strip. The other option might be to special order, but you will probably have to pay twice as much, and there are no returns or exchanges.

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Add a 1" thick piece of hard wood(like oak, ash, or maple to the inside top of the door opening---making the height 80 inches.

The trim on the storm will cover that wood piece. Just predrill pilot holes for the screws used in that top piece.

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handymac, I thought about adding a strip of wood, but wasn't sure. Not that I'll be doing the installation but if the person doing it doesn't think of adding the piece I'll suggest it. thanks.

drywall, you got that right. A couple years ago I was quoted a $700 estimate for a custom door in the style and type I wanted. ugh.

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