Lighting inside upper glass cabinets

kam76April 16, 2013

I have seen some of you have small upper glass cabinets similar to this picture that are lit from the inside. Did you have can lights installed in the top of the cabinet or is it some sort of special inner cabinet lighting?

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Here's mine. I used LED puck lights - dimmable. One in each of the upper cabinets, centered. The full glass cabinets got 2 pucks in each one.

Also used the same pucks for under cabinet lighting on a different switch.

LED is the way to go - no heat.

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We also used LED puck lights, but we only used one in each 36 inch cabinet. Mine are from WAC Lighting, model HR-85. They required a transformer, and we used WAC Lighting LED-350MA09-RB. One transfotmer could be used for up to three puck lights. We didn't use the puck lights for our under cabinet lighting. For that we used the LUL series from American Fluorescent (they are LED as well), which did not require a transformer.

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We just got our in-cabinet and undercabinet lights installed yesterday. We used strip LEDs although I don't have brand information for you. We used the same lights we used for under the cabinets although we put them on separate switches. The dimmers for LEDs are so expensive that we opted to only go with the dimmer for the in-cabinet lights but not for the undercabinets. I have a feeling we are going to regret that decision ... those undercabinets are pretty bright. Anyway, I'm loving the lights in the cabinets and I like that you can't see them like you would a puck light in the top.

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