Merry Christmas to All!!

minnie_txDecember 21, 2004

Hope everyone has a nice cheerful holiday and hopefully with family and friends. Those who are alone cuddle up to an old time radio program and have a nice cup of cocoa with lots of Cool Whip!!! That's what I usually do except for last and this year. I remember on Christmas Day 2000 all the electricity went out for miles and miles and didn't come on for a week or more. Then the phones went out and eventually the water was shut off. It was the begining of a huge ice storm. Thank goodness I had a Sterno burner and some extra fuel for it.

I was so glad that GD had left for the Dallas airport that morning and wasn't around.

I and the cats snuggled up with a few candles and my radio looking for news as to what was going on . I found a Chicago station playing a lot of old time Christmas radio programs. After they were over we crawled into bed.

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Merry Christmas, Minnie!
Let's order some nicer weather for you this time.

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Merry Christmas everyone. Let's hope that we can get more people involved in this particular forum in the new year. I think it could be a real fun place to come and chat with other retirees.

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Hope you're all have a memorably happy Christmas.

And the rest of the holidays, as well.

And may the New Year bring health, good friends, enough to live on and some left over for those in great need, and happiness.

Seems to me that happiness is not an end in itself, but appears on the scene as a by-product when one has a lot of interests, friends and things to do.

joyful guy

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