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Cook4June 10, 2014

I'm working on fine-tuning my open concept haven as per your recommendations from a few days ago.

Here's a link to our conversations concerning our open concept house and "brightening up" the overall look to the open LR, DR, and kitchen area. I swapped out the LR lamps this weekend and I'm working on adding some sparkle, via accessories while trimming down the bookshelf clutter.

I've been looking at rugs and found several with possibilities. Here's a link to Bashian's round rugs....

This one shown below is more contemporary than traditional, has an ivory background, brings in touches of blues and greens, comes in a large rectangle and 8' round and most importantly, it's affordable! (The first rugs that caught my eye were $4,000! YIKES!)

What do you think? Good....OK....Ideas on something better?

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I think that would be a great rug. Lighter still reads as traditional to me pattern wise. Pull that pretty blue out of it and you've got a winner! Here's your link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Previous post

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Love that rug! I think you said in the previous post that you like blues and teals, so I think that would not only lighten up the room but also add some pretty green and blue colors to work with for accents.

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I think you found a wonderful rug to coordinate with your custom rugs and add some lightness to your home. Are you thinking for the living room or dining room, or both?

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Olychick, I'm thinking of an 8' round for under the round kitchen table and a large rectangle for the living room area. I can find lots of rectangle rugs that would be good, but finding the round size is more difficult.

I found a couple more that might look good....

What do you think?

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Option 3. The description says this is light blue. It looks gray on my monitor.

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Option 4. This is the light blue version of the first rug. I think I like the ivory version better than the light blue. What do you think?

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The blue background of the last one with the dark brown branches might help tie in the wood tones with the rug and furniture. They both would be great, I don't think you could go wrong either way. The other two just aren't very special, to me anyways.

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Hi Cook4, I've been following your posts because I, too, am trying to decorate an open concept space. Mine isn't near as grand as yours though. When I look at your pictures I'm reminded of the lobby of a lovely hotel, the kind that it feels great to slip into at the end of a long day, pull up a chair and share a drink with your companions.

I'm not sure I would change much of anything but I do find some of the blues just a little bit jarring. Patricia suggested you change out one of your art pieces for Klimt's "Music". I think that is a brilliant idea. Not only is it a great piece of art but, if you pulled those duskier blues into your room instead of the teals and cobalts it could be even more divine.

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I just read through your other thread and this one. You have a beautiful home, and you've obviously put a lot of thought into your architecture. You must love cooking in that kitchen!

I like the rugs 1 and 2 above for your breakfast area. I would not, in any circumstance, do the same rug, matchy matchy, for your living room and breakfast room.
I like the idea of adding lightness of feeling to the space by adding lighter rugs and window treatments. You can accomplish a lot that way, without having to replace obviously good furniture. I also really like the idea of editing some of the accessories. Especially editing the stuff on the bookcases.
I like the suggestions of replacing the drapery panels with something like a natural linen or a solid dupioni in a natural or putty color maybe, and moving the rod higher. By replacing your dark light absorbing drapery panels with something light reflective like dupioni or gauzy like linen you'll be adding some much needed surface contrast.

A thought on why you might be getting some of the responses you're getting - the photos are so dark. Before you post follow-up photos take a moment to read these articles.
photo 101 - five tips for shooting interiors
and How To Take Beautiful Home Photos Houzz Ideabook
We're building an open floor plan home now so I've really been looking at decor schemes, and the difference between those that work well and those that don't can be really subtle. I totally understand your comment about not changing anything like paint or major elements so soon after the build - my dh would have a conniption fit too. One thing though that I think you should consider is changing out some of the matching light fixtures. I'd keep your island pendants and the dining room chandy, but replace the one over the kitchen table - it's too matchy and too predictable.
Good luck, your home is beautiful.

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Holly- Kay

The first rug that you posted is my favorite and the second one is my next favorite. I agree with Marji that you should use two different rugs and one and two would look great together.

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Thanks for your help, ladies! Slowly, but surely, I'm getting there. I de-cluttered the bookshelves yesterday, probably not enough, but it's a start. And I worked on two flower arrangements for table tops with blue/teal colors and bright greens to lighten things up. And the two brown lamps have been swapped out with two large gold lamps with cream colored shades.

Concerning the rugs, I hadn't thought of using two different, but corresponding rugs. If I used two corresponding rugs with the two rag rugs in the kitchen and two custom rugs, that would be three different styles of rugs in my, albeit, large space. Is that too much? (The anal, bean-counter, accountant in me likes things matchy-matchy and balanced! And that doesn't always look so good in décor! So I have to fight my natural instinct to match everything! :) )

And yes, MLWeaving, I love cooking in that large space! We love our open floor plan for large groups. We had over 50 teenagers from our church youth group at the house for a Christmas party and the open space was great!

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