So excited... Just have to share... Cabinets being installed!!!

Momto3kiddosApril 5, 2013

The cabinets for our new home were delivered last week and are being installed this week. The hood is still being constructed. I am so excited to be able to walk through my space in 3D and imagine cooking (and living) in there.

This is half of the butlers pantry... The other side is all glass doors, but the door detail was not correct so those were sent back.

Lastly, this is the granite that was templates for today... I cannot wait to see it in, then decide on a backsplash.

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Love it! How exciting!!

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Holly- Kay

Beautiful! I love your granite, what is it?

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Absolutely beautiful!!

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Thanks! The granite is called Antique River. I had not seen or read of that name anywhere before I saw it, so I am sure it goes by other names. I had my heart set on delicatus but they were all so creamy or yellow, that they did not work with the gray island. I was very happy to find this granite, and I am hoping it reads fairly white in the space... At least lighter than the cabinets.

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Very pretty cabinets!! Tell us about them. What is the color/stain? What style are they and where did you purchase them?

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Thanks for the compliments! The cabinets are Merrilat Masterpiece Bentley door style. My understanding is that Kraftmaid makes the Masterpiece line. The perimeter is Cherry Chocolate finish and the island is Pewter with Graphite Glaze. The pewter color is no longer offered by Merrilat, but they were happy to finish them at the workshop for me since they once carried the color. I really wanted a gray color and none of the current finishes worked for me. I chose the Chocolate finish because it was the least "red" of the brown stains. I got some feedback from GWers that the warm wood and gray would not work together, but I have been very happy so far. I think it helps that the island, at least in real life, looks just a bit taupish, not too cool. So far it really looks different depending on the angle and light source in pictures.

I did price a custom cabinet guy that a family member used and was very happy with, but they had a very limited selection of finishes. I also found that my Merrilat rep would be able to do many upgrades and alterations that I wanted... At a lower price. I have been pleased with the quality of the construction of the Masterpiece line of cabinets so far.

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Sophie Wheeler

It's coming together nicely. But I do have to say that they should have waited to put in the cabinets after the ceiling and walls were painted. And there should be some cardboard and masonite taped down on the floors to protect them.

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Very exciting!

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It looks beautiful, what colour are you planning on painting the walls?

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I love the color of your cabinets they are so pretty. It's going to look great with your granite. It really is exciting! Looking forward to seeing finished pictures.

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Lovely! Really like the coffered ceiling and feeling of space. What fun this must have been to plan and see come together. Love the grey.

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Your kitchen is a breath of fresh air. What are the beams on the ceiling? Where did you purchase them? I would love to do the same in my family room with 9 1/2' ceilings.

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Beautiful! Have to second oldbat2be's shout out to your coffered ceilings... those are gonna be awesome!

Congrats & keep the photos coming!

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Very nice looking cabinets. I personally would have painted the walls first though. Makes for a much cleaner detail. You may not have picked your colors yet though, which is understandable.

What they do around here mostly is prime and first coat paint. They do second coat after. This way the first coat base color is close to the cabinetry and doesn't need to be cut so close and precise.

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Gorgeous! I love the ceiling as well. Wish I could do that in mine! Can't wait to see the finshed product!

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Thanks you guys! The coffered ceilings were the artwork of the trim carpenter. He is fabulous... He actually did the trim for my parents house when I was a kid. I cannot wait to see them painted. I plan to use BM Revere Pewter for the walls, Sw Alabaster for the trim, and Bm Rockport Gray inside the coffers. Right now my dilemma is paint for the dining room.... Anyone used Martha Stewart Plumage? There is a deep tray ceiling and wainscoting that will all be white. I would like something dramatic in there. When I look in my closet I see various shades of teal and fuchsia. I don't think the fuchsia will work for the walls, however. :). Ideas anyone?

For the paint/cabinet installation order, it is what it is. I really trust my builder (he's my dad) and he has been working with the subs for a long time. Everything will be done to my satisfaction, so no worries here. But, thanks for your input and concern.

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Looks good! It's going to be a lovely space when all finished! I wouldn't worry on the paint either. We plan on priming, but not painting until everything is in place. We've found that even if you have pieces to put up with the paint chip, until you actually get it on the wall next to everything, you can't tell 100% if it's the right color. We have ours fairly narrowed down right now...but recognize that it could change.

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Wow- that is quite the ceiling - can't wait to see the whole picture!!!
Keep on posting pictures.

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Ok, I have too much time on my hands... Not really. I am just procrastinating, so I made a mood board for the dining room. What do you think? I plan to cross post with the decorating forum. The house is fairly traditional with many transitional choices in lighting and hardware. The dining room will be formal, but I want there to be as much fun as there is formal. Let me know what you think.

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I really like the color of your island.

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