Vinyl vs. aluminum rails, screened porch, drainage, etc.

dorry2February 24, 2013

It was suggested to post the following in this forum, so am hoping to receive some feedback.....

I am building a screen porch in a coastal area. Have decided on Azec porch floor,which is tongue and groove, so the floor is slightly pitched for drainage and is required by Azec or it voids their warranty. I am now trying to decide between aluminum vs. vinyl railings. Actually, my mind is made up, but my contractor mentioned that the vinyl system doesn't allow for drainage like the aluminum rail system he now wants to use. I have perused the Houzz website and there are many porches with tongue and groove, or what appear to be tongue and groove, and vinyl railings. Anyone have a pitched floor, screen porch and vinyl rails?

This area has a lot of pollen in the spring, so the porch will be hosed down or lightly pressure washed each spring, and the water will have to drain. How does the water drain with the vinyl system? The aluminum rail system he wants to use will have a metal piece/trim at the bottom of the screen, where it meets the floor, and the screen company will drill tiny weep holes in a few spots and then caulk the rest of the area along the floor where it meets the bottom of the aluminum rail-screen system. Hope this is clear. Not sure of the terminology. Another concern is those weep holes will be a magnet for the tiny gnats and other small insects to invade our porch, though they night be able to place a small screen behind the weep holes.

I am partial to the vinyl, which is called Fairway, primarily because of the lower maintenance and the aluminum will likely show mold...several neighbors have the aluminum and there are small dot-like gray marks that I am thinking Will be difficult to clean. I just think the vinyl will hold up much better in the humid, salty environment.

So...appreciate your feedback!

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if you like the vinyl, I say go with it,

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