Metal French Doors Repair Question

posie4uFebruary 3, 2009

I have four metal framed French doors. On the inside, 3" curtain rods have been mounted. I want to remove those and put in regular curtain rods. My question concerns the holes in the metal when I remove the current curtain rods. Does anyone know of a way to patch them so that they are not visible to the naked eye. I sure hope so. And, please, if this is not the right forum to ask this question in, point me in the right direction.

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I would get a ball pein (metalworking) hammer and carefully dent each hole so it sits below the surface, then fill the holes with an epoxy filler (dap or woodwork filler isn't going to work) - a car body filler would be ideal. You fill the holes, spreading and smoothing with a putty knife or scraper, sand, backfill, sand until smooth, prime and paint.

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Thank you so much. I think I even have a ball-pein hammer. I will see about getting the car body filler. Wish me luck!

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Good advice pjb999 !!!!! I made a similar repair on a steel door using the same technique and used JB worked perfect.

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I love JB weld but I would have thought it'd sag too much...

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