Do you still sponsor the big family dinners?

minnie_txNovember 29, 2004

My family has really dwindled but I used to love to do the big dinners for different holidays. Does anyone host those family get-togethers anymore now that you are retired??

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This subject is too much like the Holidays thread so I'm bumping it down.

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I will not do the big dinners again, beginning this year. My sis asked me to come for theirs, but I declined when she asked me why, I told her next year it would be my turn and I am not going there. she said it didn't matter, it's no problem for her to have two more over and she understood it would be a huge problem for me to have 12 people over. She is a good sis.

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That is great and you were able to get out of it gracefully too!!!

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We still have big family dinners during the holidays at our home. We enjoy it and have the space to do it in. When we were younger, my mom and and dad used to do it. Now it is our turn.

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I gave my dining room table, my good china, and my silver to my oldest daughter. Six months later the holidays rolled around and she felt the hook. Too bad!

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