Garage conversion -ceiling beams

old87greenOctober 9, 2012

We have a 1990s suburban home wiht attached garage, that we're now going to make into a game room. First step is to finish the walls -drywall, paint etc. WE were going to put in a ceiling too, but H believes that if we simply painted the exposed ceiling beams/studs, we'd get a nice urban look and save money along the way.

We're going to do an epoxy floor, and lots of storage cabinets - along wiht pool table, TV and sofa.

I'm having a hard time picturing the ceiling. Has anyone done anything similar or have pictures to share?

(Also posted in garage forum)

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Describe the roof structure or ceiling structure if there is a room above the garage.

You will probably be required to insulate the walls and perhaps the roof or ceiling

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Congratulations on your project. You asked specificially about ceiling treatment, but there are also a host of other issues to convert an "exterior" space to a habitable one. Here's some thoughts about garage conversions:

Floor slab: Is it solid with no cracks? Is it at house finish floor level or are you OK with a step down? Is it insulated below the slab and on stem walls? Are you in a climatic zone where winter coldness is a factor for the concrete slab? If so, floating a floor on sleepers (with insulation) above the top of the slab is an option.

Walls: Will additional sealing of cracks and insulation be needed? Will new gyp board and trim be needed in some areas?

Ceiling and roof: What sort of roof structure do you have? How will you insulate and vent the roof to prevent heat loss and moisture condensation/mold? You will likely be better served to have some sort of seperation between the habitable space below and the insulation/moisture barrier above which is usually not very visually attractive (what a ceiling usually does). Although I hate the look of a suspended ceiling, it may offer one inexpensive option for a new ceiling if the existing roof joists or trusses have uneven bottoms.

Systems: How will you heat and cool the new space? Will you need to run new HVAC ducts, control wiring etc.? Will you need new electrical circuits, controls and a secondary panel? Need water and drainage?

I'm sure you have thought through all of this, so pardon me if this is redundant. Good luck!

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I don't really know what you are trying to do. I don't know how the garage roof is constructed or what the climate is so I'm having just as hard a time as you are.

You ask for pictures to share but you don't offer any.

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