Potential tax reduction opportunity for U.S. taxpayers

joyfulguyNovember 3, 2005

There's a thread with this title over on "Household Finance" forum that tells of a New York Times article on Thursday Oct. 27, page 23, that tells how the U.S. government is allowing a larger than usual deuctible on certain charitable gifts until the end of this year.

The New York Times article is quoted on a similar thread on "Kitchen Table" forum - which was on P. 1 as of 7 p.m. Thurs. Nov. 3, but those pages drop 2 or 3 or 4 daily, so it will drop rather rapidly unless someone brings it back up.

Please accept my apology for breaking ground rules about double posting. I thought that some of you may be making substantial donations to charity this year and that this information might be helpful, were you not aware of it.

Good wishes to all.

Remember - that's a terrible mess that they have over in Pakistan. I heard the other day that there were either 6,000 or 8,000 schools damaged? destroyed?

joyful guy

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Wow this thread has been up ages..Is the forum that slow...

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Hi ruthieg_tx,

It is pretty slow, all right.

I think that the hearts are pumping more slowly.

Breathing a lot slower, as well, I guess.

Looks as though the wheels in the brain(s) are turning more slowly, as well.

As someone said - sure is nice not to have to be a slave to that old alarm clock any more!

ole joyful

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I meant to add in my message last Tuesday that a thread stays at the top until there is a reply, then it starts moving down the page, being brought back to the top again when there's a new message added.

Perhaps you were aware of that already.

I've been surpriused that there isn't more discussion going on here.

Surely seniors have a lot of useful information to share.

Or - just gab.

Keep our brains busy.

Remember the old adage: "Use it - or lose it"!!

People who live with others have more stimulation than those who live alone, I think.

I note that I'm more inclined to make humorous (sometimes silly) coments to people in stores, etc. than I think I would were I to share my home with another/others.

For example, sometimes I suggest to someone pushing a shopping cart in a store that has several articles in the top compartment that I wonder whether, in such a situation where the cart may be a bit top-heavy, if they turn a corner into another aisle in a hurry, whether ther might be some risk of the cart tipping over?

Some look at me with a blank look, requiring some more explanation, with a laugh, of course.

Some pick up on it right away and often have a fairly relevant rejoinder to offer.

And both of us walk away with a little more spring in our step.

Have a glorious weekend. It's mild here - all of our recent fairly substantial amount of snow has disappeared.

Leaving me tracking mud into the plush carpet of my recently acquired, clean (for the moment) car.

ole joyful

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