Cold Breeze from under Electric Range

3kidsonedogandusFebruary 6, 2014

A cold breeze is blowing in from under my electric range. Any suggestions as to why? Is it actually coming in through the outlet? The range is on an outside wall.

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"Is it actually coming in through the outlet?"
Nope,that outlet is perfect. The air is infilterating through a hole chewed in the wall by a mouse during the fall of 2011. The mouse is long gone but you need to patch the hole to stop the air.

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The breeze through the outlet is because there is cold air in the wall cavity and the outlet is not sealed (nor should it be). The draft is likely due to lack of insulation in the wall cavity, no vapor barrier or membrane behind the exterior sheathing, and very well could be holes from mice.

First thing I'd do is closely inspect the outside wall in that area and seal up any openings that would let drafts in.

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Do you have an exhaust vent under/behind the stove that has a leaky connection? These are usually about 4"-6" in diameter.

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Pull the range out and have a look. By running your hand over the wall on the inside, you may be able to identify the source of the breeze.

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