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dudsiamNovember 2, 2002

Well, in three months, I will turn 65. Right now, I have Blue Cross Blue Shield for my health insurance. My wife is 5 years younger than I I will get her a single plan in BC/BS. However, I will be going on Medicare on February 1, 2003.

Here is my question. What do you recommend as a supplemental health insurance plan to go along with Medicare? I know that BC/BS has a Plan 65, but I am sure they are not the only fish in the sea.

Do you think it get something to take up all the difference...or is it best to take some kind of a deductible or some type of co-pay?

What should I do? Any recommendations?

Larry in Kansas

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We have BC/BS as a suppliment. We have two individual polices. I do not know the plan. However, when we enrolled, the premium difference between coverage that took care of the $100 per year Medicare deductable and a policy where we paid for the deductable, was a lot. The premium oer year added up to much more than the 100 deductable. Our policies pay for the balance of the APPROVED Medicare amount after Medicare pays it"s 80%.

It would be like that with any plan. Coverage for ambulance service is nice. But figure out what it would cost per year for that additional coverage and decide whether or not you would ever have need for that much service.

It is the same with a lot of the other perks on the more expensive plans. Could you pay that much out of pocket if you ever needed it? Or would it be better to pay less for a policy that doesn't cover everything?

At the present, the monthly premiums add up to much more than paying the remaining 20% ourselves. We keep the policy because I know that the 20% of a really big hospital bill would be a problem.

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my mother always had bankers life and they always paid the hospital bill pretty good. The Inc. was kind of high She died a yeay ago last oct. she was 84.

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Thank you all for answering my post. I guess I should report on what I decided to do.

I am staying with BC/BS for my supplemental insurance. I took the Plan F.....which will pick up everything that Medicare will not pick up. Also, I decided to add a dental rider to it....which pays for two cleanings a xrays....and then partially pays for some other services. With my dental history, I think that will probably be something that I will need.

I guess you really never know what plan if best for you until the water is already under the bridge.

Thanks again for answering.


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We use BCBS and it is expensive, but worth every penny. We pay nothing and have no paper work. We signed up for next to the best program, I have forgotten the number. The only thing not paid was emergency medical out of the country, if I remember right. My sis had a cheaper company with a deductible, they couldn't see a specalist without a referral. the only way I would go that route is if I HAD to.

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Hi dud in Siam,

Do you live near a Univ. with a dental school?

I recently had extraction - several hours, three freezings - cost $75. (had said $32., but it was "complicated" - they had to do some drilling of the jawbone to release it).

Next time, they took me to Univ. hosp, next door - fee for similar tooth, shorter period, less hassle (possibly partly due to more skill, though I think part of the earlier one was by the supervisor) was $261.00.

Recently had 5 extractions for $96. - $32.00 for the first, $16.00 for each of the other 4.

When they quoted the price as they were making up the bill, I immediately said, "$96.00". The student and secretary looked at me with surprise, asking how I came to that figure.

I said first was $32,00, then 4 times $16.00 equalled two more $32.00s, three 30s were 90 and three 2s were 6, so total $96.00.

Young folks are lost without a calculator (as, I must confess, am I).

Good wishes for effortless, painless repairs - and extractions.

joyful guy/Ed

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I am not too smart when it comes to money and insuranceBUT!! I have aarp and have been going to the doctors for my heart.So far out of pocket expense has been $15.00 and you should see some of the bills.I have a good doctor and its good that Im 73years because I think I am falling in love with him.He gives me samples that are well over $100. if I had to pay for them.I also dont mined paying the fee for the insur.policy because its worth it.I never thought I would ever get sick but I have.Thank God for aarp and my good doctor.

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Goldy, do you have the AARP prescription savings card also?
I am the guardian of my late husband's mother (she's 79). I order her meds through AARP's prescription service. Her 3 months supply is about $990.00. Through the drug store, they were running about $800 a month. That's quite a savings.

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I'm turning 65 in a few days and live in a retirment community in TX. Before choosing a company for supplemental insurance, I asked several of my neighbors about their experiences. At least in my area, Blue Cross & Blue Shield has a bad rep. I heard stories about seniors being billed for doc. visits, etc. I went with AARP and plan F. After checking everything out with neighbors, (some are in their 90's) that is who was recommended. Good luck

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We have BC & BS, it is expensive but wonderful My sis opted for a HMO type supplement. She could not go to a specialist if she thought the MD wasn't do a thorough job. Our family doctors were not on her list of who she could see. I believe she also paid a large deductible.

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Go to the goverment Medicare web page. They indicate by state what Medigap insurance coverage is available. In NJ there was BC/BC and AARP. All the coverage is the same in the different alphabetic Medigap policies, but the premiums can be different & some freebies may be included in one and not the other. For that reason I chose AARP (cheaper) & they also threw in some vision cover w/o charge. Do some research, and don't just ask around.

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Has anyone checked with Aflac? An insurance agent told me that this company sells a lot of supplemental insurance plans.

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