Garage Door Opener problems

castorpFebruary 13, 2009


I had a stripped gear in my Chamberlain garage door opener. I ordered a gear and sprocket kit and replaced them according to the instructions. The work seemed to go smoothly. But when I plugged the garage door opener back in , it made a soft "Pop!" A small puff of smoke came out. And now the garage door opener does not respond at all.

The electric outlet it's plugged into is fine. he pop and poof were immediate, and I was just testing and hadn't even yet attached the chain.

I THINK I plugged the wires into the capacitor right. I marked the red side red, the blue blue, but I admit I may have gotten the two reds mixed up, or the two blues, but I don't think I plugged a red wire into a blue or vice versa.

Anybody know where I went wrong?



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There is no telling what went wrong. The capacitor wires are connected to 2 U shaped terminals. The 2 red wires go to one and the 2 blue to the other.

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The company I bought the gear and sprocket kit from just told me that I pinched a wire while screwing the motor back in and shorted out the circuit board. A new board costs around $75, which, together with the cost of the kit I just installed, is probably more than I should spend on a ten year old chamberlain opener.


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