Quality of Granite Counter workmanship

husserl49October 2, 2011

Our contractor recently finished installing a granite counter top. The counter top surfaces(3) were no longer than 5 6 and 7 foot respectively. The contractor used 8 pieces of granite and inserted 8 seams in this job. The seams were glued together with epoxy. 3 pieces blocked in the stainless steel sink/with apron intersecting at 90 degree angles.

Photographs of this work are posted at:


What do people think? Was this a good competent job? Did we get ripped off?

Jason Rudyard

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No pictures show.

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Definitely NOT professional work. Get your money back; I've seen granite tile look better.

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No, it's not a good job since there was no need for so many seams and to add more injury they made the seams too wide.
As an example, one section of my counter is 10' long with a cut out for a double sink. The only seam is at each end where it joins the next section and I have to look closely to tell there is a seam there.

I would refuse to pay for such work.

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Are you SERIOUS??? This is the worst job I've ever seen by anyone. Hopefully you paid by credit card, cause I would stop payment immediately & threaten to call the Attorney General if they do not replace immediately with quality work. I agree with annez that there is NO NEED for so many seams.

UGH. Makes me SICK that you got such a horrible job for your hard-earned money.


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This "contractor" isn't a granite fabricator by any stretch of the imagination. He used small "blanks" that are sold pre manufactured from China and then just cut them to try to fit. If he quoted you an absurdly low price on this,(under $40) that was a red flag, and you received a job commensurate with what was charged. If he charged you the market price ($60-$80 sq.ft.) then you were completely ripped off.

You should not expect better work would be available from this person, so ask for your money back and go elsewhere, to a true stone professional. There is no point in asking for this to be redone. Neither the materials nor the skills are there to give you a quality job.

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Thanks for your confirming comments. We went to a stone company and picked out the slabs. That's why we were surprised to see how awful this turned out. Our contractor claims to have been in the stone business for 12 years and apparently took over installation of the granite instead of using the company's fabricators. But we also wonder if behind our backs, he also did not purchase the slabs or somehow minimized how much he purchased. This was not supposed to be done on the cheap -- our contractor charged us top dollar to rehab our small condo and apparently has spent our money on something other than our home. So far, we have paid him $118,000!!!! We have since learned that he misrepresented his credentials on every level. The strangest part is that I am an attorney and I warned him that he'd better not try to cheat us, whereupon he proceeded to destroy our condo while we are living in a temporary residence. What can be done to rectify this situation?

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You are an attorney? Because the standard advice at this point after allowing the tradesman a required attempt to correct the error is to seek legal advice about your rights under your signed contract. For those lurkers that need basic info, here's a bit of ABC. Approach one of your colleagues who is familiar with construction litigation which is an extension of a local contract law expertise. Because what you are talking about is breach of contract. I'm assuming you had your contract vetted by yourself or a colleague? And that you structured the financial payments to coincide with stages of completion? And that you have a substantial hold back not to be disbursed until the punch list is complete?

In addition, you can approach the state licensing board or any professional boards in your locality. The effectiveness of such a solution will depend on your location and the power that they hold. If contractors in your area are required to have errors and omissions insurance, perhaps a claim with his carrier can help. Your issue may be larger than a small claims court can adjucate. Again, remedies will be different because local laws are different.

Please do follow up with what your contractor says about the problem and what your path to correction may entail. It really helps to educate others to see how other people have handled the issues that they've encountered. Good luck!

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Whoa Nelly!!! GreenDesigns, great info.

May I also add that the State's Attorney General should be contacted immediately.


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In Denver market price is more like $35/ft unless you choose an expensive stone, so market price varies from locality to locality.

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It is super easy to post pics from Photobucket, just copy and paste the HTML code. And I agree, that is a terrible unprofessional looking job.
Here they are:

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Looks like the fab bought half a slab and sliced it up enough times to cover your space.

What ever happened?

Here is a link that might be useful: My granite installed

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There's something missing here. I'd hate to see what the rest of that $118K worth of work looks like?
Any project undertaken with the necessity of MOVING OUT to a temp. residence maybe should have been undertaken with more research/diligence as to who was being hired. Slicing up granite like that and then boasting about the 12 years does NOT add up.

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