Front Door Repair

sfroom422February 21, 2013

I am looking to repair the cracked veneer on my front door with the ultimate goal of painting the entire front door.

I have looked into cutting out the cracked veneer pieces and putting new veneer in its place but that seems like a lot of work as there are roughly 15 cracks throughout the door.

Is there an easier way to repair the cracks, perhaps an epoxy or wood glue that can fill the crack? Or am I fooling myself thinking it could be that easy?

Attached is a picture of one of the cracks in question.

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I'd use an exterior grade wood putty, pressed into the cracks with a putty knife, as a filler. After sanding smooth, priming and painting, the cracks shouldn't be noticable.

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Does that door get hit by rain? If so, you need to address that issue or you will likely have more veneer cracking in the future.

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Is it just the cracks or has the veneer come lose?

If it's just cracks and the veneer is tight to the substrate then you could be okay just filling with a quality filler (I suggest epoxy) and painting.

If the veneer is loose then you've got to deal with that issue.

As always how many $$$$$ do you want to throw at the issue?

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A great tip I learned when filling cracks etc. in wood is to sacrifice a small amount of wood from the item, make sawdust from it and mix the sawdust with the wood filler, since you are going to paint the door and there probably isn't anywhere you could trim a sliver off without affecting the seal of the door, simply match the type of wood your door is made of and make some sawdust from it and mix with your filler.

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Use Minwax High Performance Wood Filler after making sure there is no rot hiding behind the cracks (sharp knife point or ice pick, the tiny hole will get filed anyway).

Prime the whole door, ten two coats of outdoor rated paint.

The Minwax filer is soft enough after it hardens to sand flat without dishing out the surrounding wood.

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I have read you post .repair crack totally depends how wide the crack is.Firstly determination of crack type is require.Is stress crack ?

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royalsmith, one question on your post: WHAT?

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Thanks to ask me this question .I think you have doubt about stress crack..A stress crack is a crack in a surface due to stress or the settling of building materials. In a door, it is often the result of the building's foundation settling. had you feel this type of crack in your door?

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Did you even look at the picture or read the OP's post. It is obvious as the day is long that it is cracked veneer from weathering not keeping the finish maintained, not form anything else.

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