Jogging or walking for exercise?

joyfulguyNovember 25, 2004

Hi again all,

In recet years a number of young people and middle aged people as well, have gone out jogging daily.

Seniors are more inclined to walk.

As I see a number of people in wheel chairs and know that many have had hips and knees replaced, I wonder whether all of that hammering on the legs and joints while jogging may result in damaged cartilage in the joints in later years?

As we know, desk-job people who go out to do physical work with their hands find their hands to be less tough and calloused, so much less resistant to pressure, abrasion, etc. than those of construction workers, farmers, etc.

I wonder whether the cartilages in joints build up similar resistance to the hammering of jogging, enough to avoid unusual injury or deterioration in later years?

Anyone have some wisdom to offer?

Good wishes for good health, prosperity, good friends and things to do - and the common sense to appreciate them.

How often we forget to be thankful for the good fortune of having good health during our later years - until we lose a substantial portion of it.

ole joyful

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I think it is abuse and don't believe the cartilage gets more resistant, it just gets thinner and thinner. I have a friend that has run for years and now he has had both hips replaced and was told he had abused his joints/bones. My neighbor had one knee replaced. When she recovered she joined the YMCA, had a regime worked for her by a trainer. It sounded good to me, so I did the same. My knees bother me twice a year, in the spring and fall because of gardening. When I started in the machines, they hurt constantly, never stopped, so I quit the machines. I also told my neighbor she was hurting her knees, but she didn't believe me. It took a couple of months on the machines, before she quit. When my trainer asked why I quit I told him my theory about abusing senior bones and said I would like to be around to see the condition of the aerobic teacher's bones in a few years. He said they are already suffering damage and they are in their early 20s.

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I do the Leslie Sansone Walking tapes in front of the TV. I find if I do them on a regular basis I'm more equipped to walking around the mall!! There is a small park nearby which has a walking path but sometimes I find it better to stay home where it is safe.
I do the one mile that is on the two mile tape.

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I live on 6 acres, none of it level except for a short stretch around the pond. I have a dog that can't be allowed off leash, as she's a runner and never learned boundaries, doesn't come when called and eats stuff that makes her sick - she's a blessing in disguise, because come rain or shine, we have to walk. Walking also to feed the weed-whackers (pigmy goats) and to feed the egg-providers (chickens), so I don't need a formal program LOL
My eighty year old body does pretty well.

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Hi Lilod,

Good for you.

I would rather expect that land around a pond would be level, of necessity.

There was some discussion recently on another thread about the price of eggs, as I'd bought some really large ones at a farm for a reasonable price - and the joy of using really fresh ones.

Good wishes for continuing to be spry for years to conme.

ole joyful

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Hi again, all,

I forgot to add, just above.

It seems to me a wise way to get exercise, keep muscles active, etc. is swimming.

My old step-uncle died about 8 months ago and I've travelled 25 mile round trip out to his home to help keep it look lived-in, most every day since.

Does anyone have some advice as to the amount that I should charge the estate for that service?

He had an old dog that is quite diffident, barks a good story but won't come near folks that come in. Though a few months ago, at the auction, with scores of people around the place, he travelled among them. Perhaps felt that he wasn't an object of attention at that time. Some say that he was enjoying the snacks that folks offered, as well - though he had to have gotten near them in order to learn that such was available.

Anyway - he got into a fight at the neighbour's a couple of months ago - cut on chest, that bled quite a bit and he wouldn't walk on one front leg.

'Twas a female, I think.

He'll put his leg down occasionally, now, but still only a little.

My time out there is indeterminate, as they'd like me to continue till the place is sold.

I should go looking for a place for old Joe to hang his hat when I leave.

Also - about nine cats, only about three of which will let me touch them. And a couple of kittens.

Good wishes to all for continuing good health through your remaining years of life.

Maybe you'd like to make some contributions to agencies that are trying to help folks suffering various diseases, and support research to reduce their action in future - I prefer that to having pharmaceutical companies fund them, often resulting in developing drugs to treat them rather than seeking ways to get rid of them in the first place.

ole joyful

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I go to the Y 3x a week and lift free weights, including doing a 65 lb bench press. I use a trainer one day a week.

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I have to agree with Joyful that running is very hard on the joints. I walk about 45 minutes a day with my dog. When I retire to the farm next summer, the dog will be free to run at will and I will just make myself take a walk through the woods each day. We have 58 acres of hills and a 45 minute walk will be invigorating.

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I agree with Jonesy. My right knee is terrible, it hurts whenever I go up or down the stairs. Some days, I crawl.

When I started working out, the trainer suggested the lower body Nautilus exercises for me. I did them for several months, during which time my knee got progressively worse. I hated the thought of these exercises, but kept on doing them because I though I was strengthening the knee muscles.

Finally I quit, and my knee is back to "normal," which hurts a lot but not nearly as bad as when I was doing the Nautilus exercises.

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Maybe some of the more gentle Pilate style of floor exercises would be good. Sometimes I use a really wide piece of heavy elastic and make a kind of sling out of it. I can get my foot in it and it helps to do leg raises without too much stress.
While looking at a Pilate tape it reminded me of the exercises we did way back when in the school gym.Of course then we did those jumping jacks and other wild stuff like that.

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After leaving the machines, I went to the water classes. I did the excercises and then swam a few laps 3 times a week. The class was a lot of fun, the people were full of humour and laughter. It had a bonus I had not expected, I slept better at night. I really enjoyed the hot tub even though people told me it was nasty. :o) It sure relieved any pain I had from yard work. My knees only hurt in the spring from the yard work and when I sit still for hours like on a road trip, but they never stopped hurting as long as I was on the machines.

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