How much is enough

d0ugNovember 26, 2008

There is no point in which some one will feel secure. When I was working my first job I wanted to have enough money in the bank so if I became sick I would be all right. Later that amount started getting larger and larger until I realized I could never have enough to be totally secure. Retirement is the same, there is no guaranty you will have enough.

When I was 53 I had the opportunity to take a retirement or work another 12 years for a better pension. I left at 53 and sailed the Caribbean and setting in a location where my small pension let me live better than I did in Canada. There is never a day goes by that I regret making the choice that I did.

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Hi Doug,

Quite a few of us old farts need a heart bypass ...

... or something similar.

Where do you go for the likes of that?

ole joyful ... happy to be enjoying good health, at a fairly advanced age

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Hi Joyfulguy

I know health care scares many people but they should check out other countries. For example here the hospitals are free you need only to pay for medicine. I personally have medical insurance US $500 per year so I use the clinics they are more up to date. I have to pay a small amount, as the insurance is not 100%.
It seems everyone wants a 100% guaranty on life and afraid to enjoy what they have and donÂt want to take a chance.

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