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chisueNovember 8, 2008

I'd like to run a plan past the forum. Do you see problems with the following?

DH's former employer offers dental and health insurance. For 2009 we plan to take the dental coverage and an Aetna medigap policy that picks up 100% of the fees Medicare doesn't pay. (Those ran me $2000 in 2008.)

The company doesn't offer a Medicare drug plan. DH's prescriptions total only $212 per year, but I take Advair, which retails at $500 for a 90-day supply, plus my chronic sinusitis results in some antibiotics every year.

I'm looking at buying a drug plan just for me. Coventry Insurance (Anyone know about it?) offers AdvantraRX - Value Plan. It runs $25.50/mo. They say they will provide Advair for $48 per 90-day supply via mail order or a bit more from local pharmacy. (Our 2008 plan charged $70/90-day supply for Advair but the policy premiums were MUCH higher.)

See any 'holes' in this plan?

Thanks for reading.

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Check with Blue Cross/Blue Shield for a comparison. Also check with your state insurance dept to make sure they are licensed to sell the insurance in your state. This state does restrict certain companies. Ask your pharmacist. Watch the rates as Humana just raised their rates alot for the coming year. I have heard about Coventry, but don't know anything about it. There are alot of changes coming up, so whatever you get make sure it is for the year 2009 (in writing).

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Thanks Marie. The AdvantraRX has several plans listed in our 2009 Medicare handbook for the Chicago area. I called them and they are mailing us a registration package. We'll read it carefully and ask questions. It does sound too good to be true for something that's not HMO-connected.

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DH and I are going with AdvantraRX for 2009 after being with Humana this year. Google Medicare Part D ("I'm feeling lucky" to go directly to Medicare site). You can put in all your meds and your zip code, etc., and Medicare will show you all the plans in your area and the costs for each so you can easily compare and decide which plan to go for.

We also have a Medicare Advantage plan (not a supplement) for $70 a month, each, for 2009 and no co-pays, no deductibles, 25% co-pay only for radiation therapy with a $1000 stop-loss. It's the best plan we have ever had. You can also check, on the Medicare website, for the best plans for Medicare Advantage which are ususally cheaper than supplement plans. Big variations, however. The first plan my DH had was cheap, but had co-pays with no stop-loss. Didn't think that would be a problem, but he had open heart surgery and contracted MRSA as a result and the co-pays ended up being about $4,000. We are almost finished paying them off, 2-1/2 years later. Learned a very expensive lesson. Make sure there is a stop-loss if you have any co-pays.

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about the dental..i read an article that said dental insurance is not always necessary. i see a dentist every year and that is cheaper than insurance. if your teeth are in bad shape insurance would be the cheaper way to go.

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