framing a partition in a garage

davidlouieOctober 2, 2009


I need to frame a section of my garage to make a room for a furnace.

This is a 40 year old garage attached to house on a concrete slab.

1) A neighbour warned me to leave a space between the top plate of the new partiton and the finished ceiling to allow for movement. The climate is hot summers and down to -20-25 in winter as the min. Do I have to worry about this?

2) what would be the best way to attach the top plate then

3) To attach the sole plate ( pressure treated wood) to the concrete would you reccomend a Hilti gun? or other means?

3) what kind of nails for the sole plate?



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Personally, I use a hammer drill and TapCon screws to fasten bottom plates to concrete. I have a powder actuated nailer, but just find the TapCons easier.

If you fasten two walls to an existing garage wall, there really is no need to fasten the top plates---unless your local codes require it.

You will need air inlets in the walls unless the furnace is electric.

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I can't imagine why the ceiling would move more than the wall would unless the ceiling is attached to a truss.

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The movement in question isn't lateral, but rather load from above,(live load). Unless you have a second story or finished attic above the garage, I would think a floating top plate would be unneccesary.

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I would frame the wall on the floor (end nailing the plates) but let it be about a half inch short, then tip it up and install it in the normal manner top and bottom, then not screw the drywall to the top plate of the wall and install wall-ceiling trim with a small reveal at the ceiling.

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