After 10 years of Retirement.

azbobNovember 21, 2010

After a decade of retirement the biggest change in my life has been the discovery of several new interest and passions. During my working life I never had time to find a hobby. Then, after I stopped working I spent the first few years just relaxing and puttering. That gets boring after awhile.

About a year ago I finally decided writing was what I really enjoyed. I finished a travel book, and then discovered blogging. My retirement blog has been a labor of love for the past 5 months. It has been such a kick to interact with others looking for help and information on living a productive and satisfying retirement.

My suggestion: when you retire don't settle for the first hobby or interest that you try. Keep exploring until you find that one passion that motivates you to bounce out of bed every single morning.

If you'd like to see what I've been up to:

I'd welcome your feedback and insight. I'm certainly not an expert!

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I liked it a lot. That was a very interesting comparison between your retirement and your parents' retirement. Thoughtful and thought-provoking!

We've just started our retirement. This first year has been exciting and a real change for us. It'll be interesting to see what develops with our lives.

I tried blogspot, but got frustrated and switched to yola instead for my blogging. Not perfect, though; I've had some trouble with text edits on long text blocks.

May you have many more years of enjoying retirement!

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We traveled in a RV for several years. We were fortunate to have a neighbors dd stay at the house to take care of the animals while we did so in the spring, summer and fall while she went thru college. Son mailed the bills etc, to us at General Delivery where we were. We traveled all over US and Canada. I was into counted cross stitch and also learn many new crafts at the RV parks we stayed at. Met lots of great people. What I wish now, is that I had made the books up of pictures etc as we went, instead of just putting them in a box to do later. Now due to medical isssues we can not travel, but oh those memories and fun.

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When dh=dear hubby, retired we bought a mh=motorhome and we traveled for 10yrs., we went whenever the whim hit us all over the USA, still maintained our lovely home. Sold the Rv a yr. ago and are on to part2 of our retirement, and having a ball. We now go to dinner theaters, if no dinner we choose...see some awesome broadway productions, we go at least once a month or more..and we also go to our local caberet' for a great dinner and a show.

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I have started a blog, and I would love some tips on setting it up.


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I've rented what used to be step-uncle's house and have had a substantial garden (actually, about three, now) for several years.

I figure that I can live here, 30 km. (20 mi.) from the city as long as I can drive.

I'm thankful to be enjoying good health: it's seldom that my body tells me, "Listen, you darned old fool - you can't DO that any more!".

Had a pulmonary emboloism last fall, but apart from some discomfort and some pain for part of a day, alleviated with rat poison, I'm pretty well functioning as before.

I rather figure that I won the lottery - for clots hitting one's heart cause heart attacks ... and hitting one's brain cause strokes. In the lung ... pain awoke me in the early morning, but when I was upright the pain went away, and after most of a day in emerg., finished with a shot of blood thinner, about 20 min. after which my breathing pretty well returned to normal ... and now I'm on the pill - well, a pill a day for five days and half a pill for each of the other two.

Good wishes for a fruitful retirement, folks.

And do some things to help build a better and happier community, not only here but world-wide, for we have some serious problems to which we need to attend.

ole joyful

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