Door to a Toilet Compartment - In or Out?

jmcn608October 2, 2010

Our new toilet compartment as planned is 36"x60". Should the 30" door swing in or out? Can we use a smaller door?


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There has been discussion of a danger with in-swing doors. If someone faints inside the toilet room and falls near the door, you may not be able to get in to aid them without breaking down the door.

Unless the toilet room is large enough for a handicapped person to swing a wheelchair around inside it, you probably don't need a 36" door.

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We rented a vacation house that had a toilet room with a swing-in door. I found it awkward to open the door, step into the small space, then try to close the door again from inside the room without hitting myself with the door. Of course, that toilet enclosure was just way too small anyway -- my knees were uncomfortably close to the wall in front of the toilet.

Personally, my first choice would be a pocket door, followed by a door that swings out.

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We have a water closet in our master that is about 3' x 5'. It has a normal (30"?) interior door that swings out. Swinging in would be quite awkward.

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For all my doors, GC recommended inside for bathrooms because you don't want to open the door outwards and slam into someone's face. However, it looks like your toilet compartment is small, and it maybe uncomfortable to have it open inside. Can you do one that swings both ways? In any case, if the toilet is inside your bathroom or in an area where you will not have a lot of traffic, chances of slamming the door into someone are low.

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