Egress Window Problems

jjcpianoFebruary 15, 2009

Hi, I recently bought a house that is about 5 year's old. It has an Egress window that appears to have been leaking for at least a couple of years. At the base of the egress window area there is a drain that seems to back up, as well as water seems to be coming up from the ground. The drain actually backs up into the area. Without knowing more about the draining system, is it feasible to run a pipe from the drain out into the yard at a distance where the yard is below the drainage level. That way any ground swell water can simply drain into that. It is odd that water actually comes from the pipe into the egress area Vs simply overflowwing and backing up. Thanks for any insight

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Sure, adding a drain to a lower level should help if the elevations are correct and the pipe is large enough.

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There should already be a pipe running away to a lower level and dissipating the water into the yard; if you have water feeding in there, it's probably connected to a drain at a higher point in the yard, and running down to the window.

Not a good situation, one that needs to be addressed.

You may need to consult an expert, unless you see yourself digging the current drains up and inspecting them.

I suspect what has happened is the existing system is blocked with silt or tree roots, or both.

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Just thought of another point, where do your eavestrough/gutters drain to? If the water just pours onto the ground, it's probably contributing to that.

A kind of half baked approach might be in the meantime to put a sump pump there, since you're risking or may already have all sorts of damage because of this.

I have been thinking of putting such a window in like this, I am in a dry area I guess one of those plastic covers for the lightwell wouldn't help, since

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