disability and retirement

downsouthNovember 6, 2005

Can you apply for disability AFTER you retire, when you have no job at alll?

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What type of disability?

For Social Security disability, you do not have to be working when you apply, but you must have worked in at least five of the last ten years (among other requirements) in order to qualify.

Also, your disability must have begun before full retirement age for SS purposes.

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I can retire now (Teamster pension 25+ yrs paid in) at age 59. I have been told to go out on disability (arthritis) and apply for SSI now. Not really sure the best way to go with this. Anyone here �"been there, done that? Need a little advice for an important remaining life-time decision.

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The one thing that I do know for certain is that you probably would not be applying for SSI which is for very low income people.

I am not certain if Teamsters have a separate disability pension or not. Most workplaces that still have pensions for disability if you retire with disability you receive a larger amount than normal pensions. You have to check with your union office to find out.

Depending on how bad your condition is you may or may not be eligible for SS disability. For SS disability you have to present to SS evidence that you are truely unable to work because of your disability. My Sister in Law received it for MS starting in her late 30's so you age is not a reason to not receive it only you and your doctor can convenice SS of how sever your problem is. On disability you will have to recertify your condition until you reach your regular SS retirement age.

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Thanks, I'll head to the union hall and ask some more questions. I have a doc appt Dec 7 and he may know whether I would qualify or not.

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