Pendant or no pendant lighting: Can you please help me decide?

rkb21April 12, 2013

I can't decide whether to change out the recessed light above the sink to a pendant light. The question is purely aesthetic. I get enough light there right now with the recessed light.

Our counters are going to be Colonial dream granite, backsplash a maram blanc 3x6 tile and the new doors will remain white with new satin nickel hardware. I would like to mix the metals and do an oil rubbed bronze fixture here and in the breakfast room to tie in all three areas.

I was thinking a pendant light would look nice above the sink but am worried that it would look too busy with the window grilles in there already. What do you think, leave it alone or add a pendant light? Suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Here's the granite:

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Wow, what a beautiful space - fantastic!

I vote yes, do the pendant. Normally I don't love pendants over the sink but with your high ceiling and arched window, I think it would be a nice fit.

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Definitely love the pendant idea! I think it would look great!

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karin_mt: Thanks! Maybe I can post a few pendants I'm thinking about so I can get some input. It's so hard making all of these decisions. My DH is very hands off when it comes to these things so it's nice to get input from others :)

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Another vote for pendant.

Your kitchen is beautiful!

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Also think a light would be beautiful there. My thoughts are that it could substantial but also less visually obtrusive (clear) so as not to block the lines of the beautiful window.

Maybe something along these lines?

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No/definitely's wonderful as is..does not need anything more...and would start to become overdone/fussy.

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Holly- Kay

I agree with herb. I think it looks stunning as it is and I would want the window to be the focal point rather than a lighting fixture. Your kitchen is gorgeous!

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Oh, goodness...Now I'm really torn. I was hoping for a better consensus one way or the other. Here's a link to one that I really like. Just for size reference. The recessed sink area is 58inches across and about 43inches from the window to the edge of the counter. The ceilings are, 10ft [I think].

Here is a link that might be useful: Pendant I really like

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I really like that pendant, too, but my first thought when I saw the picture was perhaps a small simple semi-flush or flush at most. I know that that isn't what people usually put over the sink, but the area is detailed enough with the window and I think both the window and the pendant would be diminished in the clutter. Like wearing too many pieces of jewelry.

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Holly- Kay

You need to go with your heart on this one but I don't think that the pendant you like echoes the lovely serene and classy feel of your kitchen. If your heart tells you that you just have to have a pendant I think a pendant that is maybe in the same collection as the one over your dining table would be less of a distraction. Remember, sometimes less is more and what you have now is just lovely!

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You do have a very beautiful kitchen, so I think adding a pendant is gonna be odd esp right in front of a window, so I vote no ... sorry ...

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You do not NEED a pendant but - IMHO - you can have one if you want to. I was thinking of one that repeats the semi-circle in your upper window glass. When I looked at the picture, I first thought it was a pendant.

I am not a design expert but I think that such pendant wouldn't compete with the window.

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Beautiful window and kitchen! I don't think it needs a pendant. Love Colonial Dream. I think the tile would look great to the ceiling.

(What looks like a dark screen frame in the window, I would paint white.)

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How about doing a test with a hanging a balloon from a string? Or photoshop?

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Thanks for all of the input!!!

It sounds like a pendant may not be in my future. I loved the idea of it but as I was looking at it more, I was worried that there might be too much going on there. I was having second thoughts and wanted to get opinions from all of you.

Holly-Kay: we are planning on changing out the chandelier above the table to a bronze finish to tie in with the darker wood and fireplace things. But I see how a pendant above the sink might be too much.

Snookums2: we removed the dark screens and it looks much better. I can't wait for everything to get started! I thought about tiling to the ceiling but wasn't sure since our cabs don't go to the ceiling. We are going to add a taller crown but nowhere near ceiling height. That may be the subject of another post.

Nosoccermom: great idea about hanging a balloon. I don't have photoshop but maybe I could cut and paste something there and post again. Thanks for the suggestions!

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Another vote for no. The window is a great focal point and I think a pendant would detract from it. And sorry especially the one you posted. All I can visualize is the heavy dark vertical bar it hangs from messing with the lines of the window.

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Agree with the "too much jewelry" comment above. I share your pain. There are lots of things I like and I know I'm going to have to leave a lot of them behind!

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I've been pendant, which is kind of what I was suspecting but I think it's a case of seeing something cool and wanting to implement it w/out truly realizing it doesn't fit in your own space.

I really do appreciate all of the input. I'm so glad to have found this forum!!!!

Quick question, would a bronze chandelier above the breakfast table look okay? I've always disliked the white one that is there. I thought it would bring in the browns from the wood and the dark frames, etc.


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Holly- Kay

I am surely not a design expert but I think I would keep it lighter. Hinkley makes a beautiful bronze called Pearl Bronze. carries a chandelier that would IMO look lovely. The model# is H2467. There are also some mini chandeliers and pendants in the same line. Using items in the same line would help pull it your areas together. It is amazing though how different everyone's taste is and if you surround yourself with the things that YOU love you can't go wrong! Good luck and I can't wait to see how your kitchen looks with your new granite! Your kitchen is among my favorites!

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holly-kay: That's so sweet of you to say that! I'm really excited and nervous at the same time about the upcoming remodel. I'm having a really hard time picking out a chandelier for the table. I want something simple, with down lighting so that the kids have good lighting for homework, etc. So many decisions!!!

I'll have to take a look at that line of chandeliers that you recommended. Thanks!

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