Exercise: mind, body and soul

janrozeOctober 15, 2005

What did you do today to exercise all three.

I'll go first, but I hope to get more to respond.

I walked and rode my exercycle, enjoying the beautiful fall colors; studied art to try to improve the painting I was disatisfied with and some church stuff; and studied lessons for tomorrow to enable me to do a decent job of reading.

What are all of you up to?

If someone else doesn't start a thread pretty soon, I am going to give up and go back to the cottage.


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I enjoyd the rain, first rain of the fall season. Everything looks fresh and smells fresh and all my animals are feisty.
Made the first fire in the woodstove.
Made the usual rounds: chicken run, feeding the hens kitchen scraps, walked around the pond with dog Lady on leash, dog Taschi and the black cats Bud and Sooty following. Back at the feed-shed, got the food for the pigmy goats, watched them and their antics.
Later did paperwork, took care of mail, did some reading, watered house plants, made a meatloaf - did the evening feeding, visited with DD and her dogs, had some wine with her -
More reading, a little TV and called it a night.

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lil, What an idyllic life you lead. I am thinking it would even be fun to do a painting of the scene you painted for us. I love hearing about your animals and yearn for more stories of them. I love watching them and each has their own beauty. What fortune to have your DD so close by as you stated in "my page." Not much, if anything can top the life you describe: loving pets and DD, walks by the water, a li'l wine and someone to share it, comfort food - meatloaf, fire in the stove, and a good book. Sounds like your life is pretty complete, IMHO. It relaxes me thinking about it. Thanks for the mini vacation.

I am an animal lover too. Now that we are gone most of the winter, we decided not to get another dog, not now anyway. There may come a time that we no longer want or are able to travel - maybe then. We sure do miss our beloved Mollee, our Boston Terrier. She was the sweetest pet we've had.

My DD has the most lovey Rottweiler, Darwin and Tabby cat named Braveheart. Quite a fitting name for him, since there was a house full of Rotties and one Yorkie, Topsy, to deal with when he was adopted by her. Believe it or not, the Yorkie was the most aggressive of all, she's lucky she wasn't a snack for one of them, but they had been brought up right by DD (very necessary with big breeds).

Braveheart loved them all and insisted on being loved back, but was ever so patient about it. He would rub under their chins, lie beside them, lick them. Even with the old grumpy cat when suffering a prolonged illness, Braveheart would just lie beside him and keep him company while grumpy was banished to a safe place for illnesses. After the illness, grumpy even played with him for the first time and they continued to lie side by side.

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Walked to the barn to feed the cats.

Looked whether there might be another puffball on the return trip - there wasn't (again).

Didn't walk down the lane to the road to check for mail - was driving out soon (there was no mail today).

Shared coffee at the senior men's coffee hour at the church.

They recently decided to use the name, "ROMEO" - Retired Old Men Eating Out. I said that it should be "ROMDO" - Retired Old Men Drinking Out, but that elicited very minimal approval: we usually have cookies, muffins, etc., they said.

Came to the library to contact you guys.

Checked a book, "the Banker's Secrets" giving money management advice.

A couple of weeks ago I attended an investment-related seminar at downtown branch of major bank, asked at info desk where to find it.

Then, leaning a bit closer, asked rather conspiratorially whether they knew what was a better use of money than putting it into the bank.

When the lady asked what that might be, I said, "Buying bank shares"!

Both of the women within earshot laughed aloud and the lady to whom I was speaking replied, "That's for sure"!

By the way - have you considered which of us benefits from inflation?

I'm looking forward to travelling to Windsor on Saturday to meet and gab with some of the conversationalists at the Kitchen Table forum.

Many there say that they have found some good friends there.

I met one (luckygardnr) in the spring here in London, another (PoohBear) near Chattanooga in early August.

Just reserved a book by a famous city planner, Jane Jacobs, now in her 80s but still sharp, called "Dark Age Ahead" which opines that our current civilization may be on its last legs, referring to a number of civilizations in various parts of the world that have come and gone.

Trouble is - the earlier ones covered a limited area of the world, but our civilization is now world-wide, so if it goes down there will be some serious problems. For a long time.

I wondered a few days ago whether, on my departure from this phase of life, whether my final exam related to my stewardship of life while I lived on this planet may include a question along the line of,

"We're rather confused about what's going on in the world, these days. Can you explain to us how it is that one of the major preoccupations of people in the indutrialized world (mainly North America) for about two generations now has been dieting ...

... while about 25,000 people in the world (give or take a few related to vague record keeping) die daily due to inadequate food and lack of clean water?".

That's a question that would give me some difficulty.

Hope you all enjoy your week - and weekend.

ole joyful

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Thread-killer ... again.

ole joyful

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