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bill_hOctober 1, 2007

anyone have any info on otow in ocala? good or bad. we were looking at the attached condos there. i have heard alot of great things about the villages, but nothing about on top of the world.

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Would that be O.T.O.T.W. (On Top Of The World) actually?

ole joyful

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What is otow? Are you speaking of Ocala, Florida? If so, I can tell you a bit.

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on top of the world retirment community in ocala, any info?

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Bill H--I hope you are still around. We live in OTOTW. We bought our attached villa in September. So far, we love it. The units are well-insulated and we never hear our neighbor. We have 2BR, 2BA, living room/dining area, Florida room, eat-in kitchen and screened porch. It has a 1-1/2 car garage and attic storage. All appliances including the washer and dryer came with it. It's plenty of room. I think ours is around 1200 sqft. Prices are running between the high 70's to low 100,000 for the attached villas. You can find some good bargains if you are patient and spend lots of time looking.

There are single family homes, and villas with 2 units, 3 units, 4 units, etc. per building. If we'd seen the 2 unit homes we probably would have bought one of those. For Sale signs are not allowed which is a bummer since you can't tell!

There are tons of activities, clubs and classes to take. There are 2 or 3 golf courses, 2 restaurants and a coffee shop in the community, a library, several pools (one indoor) and a health and fitness center. The people are really friendly. It was a little difficult for me to get used to only seeing older people. At first I thought I was in a remake of the movie "Cocoon". haha!

We moved here from another town, and Ocala isn't very large but has all the amentities of a larger town. Lots of restaurants, a nice mall (with a larger one being built right now).

We haven't been yet, but Silver Springs Park is just on the other side of town. They have some pretty top-notched entertainers perform there.

If you have specific information you'd like to know, please e-mail me. I don't sell real estate nor am I employed by OTOTW, by the way.

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thanks patti43, you have really helped, we were thinking of retireing to ft myers, but the prices there have really gone up. i have friend living in ocala at cherry woods estates, but i dont want a house, and the area is too isolated, we want to be able to walk to the coffee shop, and maybe use a golf cart to go shopping, as we dont like driving. the more places we can walk to the better. want to be in an area we can walk to dinner, and the drug store etc. p.s silver springs is very nice take the time to check it out.

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Bill and Patti, I live in OTOW,I will be here 4 years in June, I have a townhouse in the Americana section. Bill,we have a small plaza located just outside the gate. You can walk there depending on the section you live in. Most of the older sections are within walking distance. But you can drive a golfcart there, no problem. A small bus is available most days, to take you to the mall and major shopping centers if you don't want to drive.

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Bill, Ft. Myers is nice, too--warmer in winter, but hotter in summer, which is something to think about if you will be here full-time.

Catriona, nice to hear from another res. I haven't seen the townhomes--mainly because DH couldn't handle the stairs. We live in Crescent Ridge I, but looked at one in Americana. I like the older areas because the trees are bigger and plants established.

Lots of golf carts around here, Bill. The plaza Catriona mentioned has a Winn-Dixie grocery, beauty shop, barber shop, Hallmark store with a post office in it, Pizza Hut, another restaurant, dry cleaners and several other shops. It's very handy. There are even parking spaces designated for golf carts.

Good luck in your search. OTOW isn't the only 55+ community here in Ocala, so you may want to look around, but we're pretty darned happy here.

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Hi everyone!   We go to settlement on an individual house in the Providence section of OTOW. My brother has lived there for 4 years and just loves it. I too have fell in love with OTOW, especially when I spent 3 months there last summer (dog & house sitting while they went on a long cruise). I just turned 55, and see many my age starting to move in OTOW. It really does cater to all ages, even has places to entertain your grand children when they visit. Did I mention beautiful landscaping?  Ha Ha Ha
Publix grocery and shopping center will be done shortly and then there will be another shopping center accessible by golf cart.

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Trying to get more info re: this community ie: which section is closer to the entrance & which section has the two unit villas & any inputs would be appreciated. Patty
yours sounds like what we're looking for & Baw do you still do house & pet sitting ?....I too fell in love with OTOW & all the amenities they offer , & still close to
action if we want it ..ha ! what action you ask ! @ our age .. well I love the theatre and the sidewalk cafes in Brick city & the entertainment & classes .Does anyone know if there is a model race boat club anywhere near ?.. I know theres one in the Villages & another in Highland Lakes ! if not maybe we can start one ! cheers all

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