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janrozeOctober 11, 2005

OK, let's resuscitate this thing. How about a committment to post one question, idea or suggestion every week or two? If people come here and see all old posts, it does not encourage one to stay and keep checking on it only to see nothing new.

I am going to give it a month, then if we don't get active, I'm moving on or I should say back to the cottage forum - my fav. Come visit us there. We have the basic cottage garden forum with a discussion side where any topic goes and a gallery and pay is optional. All things to consider.

As our population ages, I think this forum will become more and more important. Also as more younger people, with more computer experience, I think it will be more important.

OK. I'll start with a new question. What else do you think will become more important as our population ages?

Is there anyone out there who wants to visit about it. Pull up a chair, have a cuppa joe and type your thots away.

Looking forward to hearing from all of you.


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Thanks for the resuscitation...I can breath again...

I do think there will be many changes as the population ages...Some probably quite dramatic...But it will evolve slowly giving us all a chance to adjust to the new surroundings...Hopefully!


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O.K., lets try to post at least once a week. Was in a store yesterday and the woman ahead of me at the checkout paid with a Carte Blanche card. Hadn't seen one of those in years. Didn't even know they were still around. Sort of like Diners Club not sure when it vanished but don't remember seeing it either. We just use American Express so we have to pay it off every month. Therefore we are careful not to charge more than we can comfortably pay off.

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As we age and there are fewer people in the workforce, the number of contributors to pension plans relatiive to the number withdrawing will become much smaller - so some pension plans will be in jeopardy.

As we develop a larger population of aged, we'll have much greater demands on the medical system.

Good wishes to all.

o j

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I noticed that Australia has mounted a successful campaign to get people to have larger families so that there will be enough young people to support their elders. We can do that or open our borders to more people. I think that's the two choices we have.

With age I am enjoying several new passions: exercise, geneaology, and religion. I have learned Hebrew to read the OT and plan to learn Greek to better read the NT

That may be old hat to you Joyful

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pil, yes, we do need time to adjust. Our town is growing by leaps and bounds - not really time to adjust. Don't know where all the money comes from for those huge homes. Sure glad I'm not the one behind the sweeper.

and, Thanks for being willing to post a question or comment weekly.
I agree, I don't want debt that I can't pay within the month. Any more is like throwing money away, in by book.

joyfulguy - love your name, but I will type just "ful." Always short on time and try to keep things rollin'. I think the med syst is moanin' and groanin' already and not cus it is halloween season. Too many law suits have doctors running. I know several who quit there OB practices cuz of it and others who are leaving certain areas of the country cuz the suits are terrible. We sure need a cap put on them.
But then there is the quality of care too. I have been in the hospital for a couple of surgeries and it was so bad that my DH insisted on staying by my bed overnite to make sure things were being done right. I caught them in multiple errors myself. Woe, be us, just when we will need more and more med care.
I feel for our DD and fam. They don't think there will be SS for them and they are probably right, no pensions and not enuf now to save, barely enuf to live on at that.

bb, I don't think our DDs are alone, I don't think they could possibly afford more children - that would be a purely selfish solution in many cases. I don't know about opening the borders. That has two sides to it - mite take jobs away from the marginally employed now.

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I wasn't seriously proposing a population explosion or throwing open the borders, but it is an issue that will have to be faced and many other countries, Japan for example, are scrambling to find the answer. I think there will be a major shift in populations throughout the world and that we will have far more "guest" workers than ever before.

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Gramma Jan in MN,

Some have suggested that "ful" might be "full of it" - so perhaps your abbreviation might be a propos.

ole joyful

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ful, I am quicker than you think, but i didn't say it, you did. chuckle.

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bb It's happening already - around here anyway and everyplace we travel it seems.\

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