Investing Site here?

Chemocurl zn5b/6a IndianaOctober 6, 2006

I see there is a clickable link above for Grandparents and one for Investing.

When I click on it, this is what I get....

Not Found

The requested URL /forums/invest/ was not found on this server.

I don't see it on the list of forums at THS. Did it go away? Does anyone know when or why? I imagine it was probably a really prime target for spammers. Maybe GW/iVillage couldn't be liable, or there was no interest or too many problems?

Anyone know? I'll bet it was an interesting one. Anyone interested in having one? Should I go suggest it?


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It could be too open to interpertations of investing money. This should be left to the professionals. We have a Household Finance for discussions. Also too much information might be avaiable for identy theft.

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Hi Curly,

Seems to me that I remember there being a choice of a link for "Investing" along with "Household Finance" at the "Money Saving Tips" forum ...

... but when you go there, you get nothing.

Sort of like what, in the oil exploration busines, they call a "dry hole".

Expensive, in that case (if not here).

But useless (both there and here).

Good wishes for wise investing.

ole joyful

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