How are the mystery quilts coming?

imraineyDecember 11, 2010

Anyone sharing what they've got yet? Anything taking shape or are you still on accumulating different units?

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Rainey, we're still making units. At least the step 4 ones would fit together with the step 1 ones! Step one gives you 2 x 5 rectangles, step 2 gives you 3-1/2" HSTs and step 3 is 8-1/2" string blocks! I'm in the middle of step 3. Been really sick so not much sewing happening. Step 4 gives you 2 x 3-1/2" rectangles plus an extra 2" square. She's definitely keeping it a mystery!


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I'm still piecing Step 3. 60 string 9 in. blocks (for 8 /12) blocks! Yikes, that takes time. We get a clue every Friday and I'm behind, of course! Step 4 is easy this week so, hopefully, I can get the remaining string blocks done. My sewing room is a total mess and I don't like working in those conditions, but no sense cleaning up until the strings are complete.
Donna, sorry about your cold! Hang in there. Looks like it is a "Catch Up" week for both of us!


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Hope you'll keep us posted. Maybe even with a pic or two as things begin to take shape? ;>

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I am doing the mystery but haven't started it yet. This will be my 4th and I only have one completely done. I should not be doing this, but I love her quilts as she keeps the mystery to the end and there is always a good challenge with it. I am only planning on doing half of the blocks to make a lap size quilt. I will post some pictures as it goes along.

I have had so much trouble getting logged on to the Garden Web all this week. I wrote them today and they reset my password as I am here.

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Step 3 ( 60 string blocks, 8 1/2in) are done and the sewing room is cleaned up! I am a happy on to Sep 4 because Step 5 is coming out on Friday. May get @ to taking pics and posting.

Donna hope you are better and making progress!


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Thanks, Gwen - I finally feel almost normal. Hubby has choir practice tonight so I'm planning to work on the mystery some more!


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Glad you're better, Donna...good weather for's not sunny central FL. Clue six is 600 2 inch HST! That's 100 each day until the next clue. I'm thinking about it so that makes me behind already.

Gwen...still thinking, thinking, thinking
Wishing the Best for you and your famlies this Holy Christmas Season!

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