Karmer said to sell stocks.........

phoggieOctober 6, 2008

I was listening to a clip from Kramer this evening and he said that if a retired person will be needing the money in the next five years to cash stocks TODAY.

Are any of you doing this? I did cash some stocks, but just watching the other accounts fall~~~~way down!

I don't know if I need the money or not in the next five years....depends on how my life plays out. Problem is ...I am disabled and 66 years old and DH is 77, hasn't drawn a paycheck for years from the company that he and his son owned.....well, it seems that the "dear fair-haired #1 Son" has embezzled over $400,000 from the company funds and DH (being the "trusting" father that he was), would just keep cashing stocks to put money in the company when the funds were running low.....wonder why????? #1 was transferring money right out of the company and putting it into his and wife's account...while they live in a huge home (with the finest furnishings), she drives a Cadillac Escalate, a Mercedes convertible, he has a Suburban, son has a Jeep Liberty, they have a huge boat, travel trailer, and the list goes on and on....so he had to support their lavish lifestyle. Long story, short, DH is broke!!!...even asked to borrow money from me to pay some company bills, which I refused.....can't see feeling a dead horse!

#1 Son has not paid the state sales tax or withholding taxes for several years.....state took all of my mine money right out of my checking account because I had put DH's name on it...put a lien on our house (which we can not sell), took all of DH's CDs and cash........until DH has nothing left.

DH refuses to press charges for the embezzling because, "he doesn't want to hurt the grand kids".....I guess it is easier to hurt the wife!

The attorney said that what little assets I have left "should" be okay since it is in my trust account.....

I have lost so darned much sleep over this mess...and am on the verge of a nervous break-down....so health is suffering~~~big time!

Can anyone give me some advice? I seem to be at loss anymore for even trying to make a decision..... I wanted to cash out everything when it hit 14,000, but DH convinced me not to do so....now I have been kicking myself ever since~~~but just had a "gut" feeling something like this was going to happen.

Thanks for letting me vent......but if I don't, I feel like I could explode!!!!

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I hate to admit that I get whip-sawed by the commentators. That one by Cramer really got me. I pulled 10k out of our 403b. I will probably regret it, but it lets me sleep better

I know that feeling about exploding. Oddly enough I feel better today. I got some scary medical news yesterday and realized that I don't have a long term, so what the hell.

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Oh Devorah, I am so sorry that you had scary medical news. Prayers go out to you....and hugs too~~~

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thank you phoggie

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I am sorry to hear of the trouble that each of you is having.

Difficulties of very different type ...

... but that can cause a great deal of pain, as well.

It adds immeasurably to the hurt when it is a betrayal on the part of a trusted family member or colleague.

ole joyful

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