I hafta thank someone

imraineyDecember 11, 2010

...for suggesting binding clips.

I'm sewing on a binding this weekend and even when I was working in close quarters in a moving car I was not getting stuck. They hold the binding down beautifully and securely. Even the miters are held in perfect alignment. And the thread doesn't get stuck on them as I sew my way around.

I am really grateful for the suggestion. Thanks so much!

PS Couldn't find them at LQS or Joanne's. Had to get them at the drugstore in the hair styling section but WTH, I gottem and they're great. ;>

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I needed some once and couldn't find them at Joanne's, so I looked at Walmart for bicycle clips and couldn't find any, so I went to Lowe's and bought a set of hand clamps that men use to clamp together pieces of wood, etc. to glue them. There were different sizes of them. I use the big ones to clamp the backing, batting to the table to hold them in place to layer the quilt top evenly. The only problem is I happened to tell DH about them, now 2 of them are missing for one of his projects, somewhere out in the dreaded garage environment, will I use them again? - NOT!

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binder clips work as well and they are at the office supply stores.

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Not sure I was clear. These are little hair clips that are lightweight, take up no storage space, hardly have any profile to get caught on anything and spread the pressure very effectively so that they don't leave a mark.

This is what I'm referring to.

I also use bulldog clips to hold the sandwich securely to the table until I baste it down. I guess they'd work to hold bindings in place for the hand stitching but the above are ideal.

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I was wondering if these were the hair clips or something special from a quilt shop. I need to get some as I am always taking pins somewhere with me. Thanks for the topic.

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Ohhhh! My dd might end up missing some of her hair clips, now! I knew of the clamps for the table. I like the hair clip idea better than pins. I get so tired of being poked!

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Had not thought at that. Great idea! :-) Thanks for sharing.

Best to you,

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When I read the thread earlier I laughed because I had the feeling everyone was on a different wave length.
I have used the hair clips for several years and love them as well. They do have them for sale in some of the quilting shops.

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