Full Time Living In RV

calpatOctober 13, 2003

DH & I lived in 30 Ft. motorhome for about a year right after we retired. I'm alone now with a huge house & yard, thinking of another RV, maybe a park model or ?...for full time living. What have your experiences been, need pros & cons and options before I make a move. TIA

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Unless you are going to be driving it around yourself, it seems to me that it would not make sense to get an RV. As you age, there will be less and less chance to use it as an RV.

After all, a lot of the cost is for the motor, suspension, brakes, you know, all that moving about stuff. All that stuff needs upkeep or it becomes worthless. You want something that will be practical for a long time. For the same or less money, you should be able to get a condo, a smaller house with less yard or a manufactured house.

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PeaBee4, thanks for the insight. I think you're right about maintenance costs on running gear. This is what I needed though, someone to remind me of costs, maintenance & other "good" stuff. I'm looking into mobile homes again. Have a lot to digest in making another move. Thanks again!

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calpat, I'd have to echo PeaBee's comments. As you probably remember, a motor home is high maintenance, particularly after the first year. I don't know how you felt about full timing the year y'all did it, but I did a "try out" this past Summer for 3 months and I'm telling you...that motor home got awfully confining. And although I hate to mention this, there were very few singles in the RV park. That gets a bit uncomfortable at times, particularly if you're a social person. My DH was commuting down on the weekends but unless friends or family were there, I spent the majority of my time alone.

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And don't forget the plumbing in a RV as compared to the plumbing in a regular home. You really wouldn't want to put up with that from here on in.


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Thanks everyone...your posts reminded me of all the "down" stuff we had to contend with & being by myself now, I don't think I want any part of this. Back to the drawing board!

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How about a moble home in a senior park. Don't know exactly where you live, but up in McKineyville they have some real nice parks. Also in the Eureka and Fortuna area. Cool and rainy in the winter, but good medical facility and lots of activities.
We visit our daughter there.I would rule out a moter home if you have never traveled much. It is quite expensive and the maintance is difficult unless you are really mechanical inclined. If you wish to travel there are many local tours you can take thru senior citizen groups and the Auto Club.

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