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gandbbOctober 17, 2005

I have no grandchildren yet, and it has been a very long time since I had to consider the needs of young children so I could use some input here. I am having a neighborhood party where I will be offering multiple selections of soup. Is that just inappropriate for children since I have table seating for only a few? What is the best beverage to offer in terms of what the children will like and what will least damage my carpet when spilled?

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Is this party for children only. If so what age? If they are young, don't give more than two choices if any. If you are concerned about your carpet pick a soup that won't stain - don't know what that would be. If there are children with soup and no table you can count on it being spilled and maybe even with a table depending on age.

IMHO, I would serve white pop and sandwiches and apples or not invite the children. If it includes adults, you can fancy it up by serving on croissants and a pretty salad with it and maybe wine for the adults. It is not fair to set your guests and yourself up for disaster.

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I wanted to have an adults only party, but we realized that would leave out 3 of the households on our cul de sac. There are only 4 children too young to handle dishes and I can probably get them around the table that is sitting on vinyl. I know they will walk around with their drinks. I had them all last year without a mishap, but I can't remember what I served. I think a white pop probably is the best answer to that. Thanks

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gandbb, I don't think you should serve soup to the toddlers, not only because of spills but because it's hot--too much potential for disaster. (At home, a child in a high chair would probably have a bowl with a suction base.) Most children would probably prefer juice, such as apple juice or Juicy Juice, which comes in many different flavors (and COLORS!). You might just get an assortment of juice boxes, which come with their own straws. Since there are only a few families, I'd suggest calling the moms and asking what kind of juice their kids like (you might get different answers from each). Or just buy an assortment. If the kids are a bit older, 7-UP or ginger ale would be good. Also, think "finger foods" for the smaller kids; don't expect them to be able to cut the food with knives and forks. Kids are finicky, too, and some have food allergies; be especially careful not to serve peanuts. The best bet is to check with the parents.

I think it's great that you are being so inclusive, so nobody will be left out. You must have a great neighborhood!


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I like the idea of a juice box, with straw, but not an open top.

Check with Moms involved for preferences and what would be popular with the kids.

I don't like the idea of pop in an open glass - spills (almost inevitable) would result in a sticky spot, what with all the sugar that they carry.

Not only that - it would get tracked all over the place before you could get it cleaned up, even if you caught it immediately and cleaned up right away - which you probably wouldn't want to, at a party.

o j (not juiced, today)

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