Quilts for Kids -thanks Rosajoe!

mary_c_gwDecember 9, 2009

I signed up for one of their quilt kits. It came within a week. It was accurately cut, and it allowed me to use up some offcuts of batting.

I will be mailing the quilt from their kit, plus one of my own in the next couple of days. I must say, it was wonderful to have all the strips pre-cut, especially since is was in a creative constipation mode, LOL.

Here's the quilt from them, and the flash didn't go off for the first:

And this is the one I did from my stash:

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Fun quilts. Was all the fabric for top, binding and backing in the kit, or what did you need to provide to finish it? I love your quilting as well!

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They provided all the fabric, pre-cut in strips for the 4 patch blocks and the 2 borders, the focus fabric cut in squares, and the backing. They also sent the pattern instructions. All I added was the batting and the labor, of course. Here's the website, if anyone is interested.

Here is a link that might be useful: Quilts for Kids

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I like your quilts and your quilting is stunning as usual. Thanks for posting your pictures. I also appreciate your info on the accuracy of the kit.


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You are welcome Mary!!! I love both quilts. I can't wait to start on mine, but my quilting will be a FAR cry from yours LOL!
Making baby quilts make me smile too!

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I ordered a kit last Friday and received it today. It is so cute! Looks like this one will be for a baby. I am really excited to start on it. Yesterday, I started on one from my stash to go along with it.

I told my sister about it and she ordered one and has also told her church sewing group about the charity.


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Rebecca, good for you!

I did check all the strips and squares for my pattern before starting to sew. There were a few mis-cuts, but only by 1/16 - 1/8", and they were on the squares, not the strips. So if you get a kit with large squares, do check them. It only takes a couple of minutes, and makes the piecing so much easier.

I enjoyed making these little quilts more than I can say, LOL. It's nice to have a quick, simple, yet cheerful project to do, especially during a "creative constipation" time. The fact it goes to cheer up a sick child is the icing on the cake.

My two were mailed off two days ago. I will send for another kit after the New Year.

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Your quilts are adorable. It is nice to step away from our usual projects and do something quite different, especially when it will cheer up a child.

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I haven't had a chance to pull the pieces out and check. The pattern I received is the same as yours.

This is the perfect project for me. I am over making bed sized quilts for now and was looking for smaller projects. Plus, having cancer myself this past year also puts into perspective what these children are feeling and being scared. There were many days that all I did was wrap up in my favorite quilt to comfort myself. I just love the thought of giving that comfort to someone else!


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Saw your posting from 12/09 re: Accucut machine. Did you buy it? How do you like it? I have depth preception problems and arthritis, and am looking for help with cutting. Getting older isn't for wussys!
Would appreciate your thoughts,
Sue T.

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Those are delightful quilts! They are sure to please some little ones. Your quilting is beautiful. TFS.


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