New Roth IRA or 401K Rollover ???

verlandOctober 7, 2012


I received info from a former employer indicating that I have an option to cash out my pension with them for a lump sum of $50k or take annuity payments at so much a month later on. I'm 55 and need to make a decision soon as there's an expiration date on the offer.

My question is, if this is froze at $50k - should I take a lump sum and start a new Roth IRA with it OR perhaps roll it into the 401k with my existing employer ??? Any thoughts on this are greatly appreciated.


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Check the Household Financed forum, too. I think we recently discussed some of this over there.

Here is a link that might be useful: Household Finances

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Thanks for the reply - appreciate it... :-)

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