Does anybody have Diamond Kitchen Cabinets?

catwatApril 20, 2009

I am closing in on a long search for budget-friendly kitchen cabinets that are also of good quality and I'm leaning toward a white beadboard painted maple cabinet from Diamond, through a small, local vendor (not Lowes - we've looked at many cabinets at places like Lowe's, Consumer's and HD, but like the personalized, more direct customer service of a small "mom & pop" company).Though I've heard Consumer Reports rated Diamond well, I can't seem to find that review on the CR website. I'd like to hear from anyone with Diamond cabinets regarding their quality, durability, customer service, overall appearance, etc. We've been quoted a price of $6100 for a 8x10 L-shaped kitchen with a few "upgrades," such as a corner "super-susan," some roll out shelves, one glass door, and cherry crown and under cabinet molding. Thanks for any feedback!

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Hi there!

I will. I bought the Wittenberg door painted white Diamond Cabinets from Lowes.
I priced them out in several places locally, but Lowes was cheapest, and we had a really nice designer working with us there.

I can't speak to quality since they are not installed yet, but I have seen them installed, and I have really liked how they looked and felt.

Here's a blogger who used them too

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Good information; I especially liked the link to the blogger who found a vintage farmhouse sink for $75 on craigslist. Very cool.

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I'm now looking into purchasing diamond cabinets. Any advice on the quality of these cabinets

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bruins47, I had Diamond cabinets installed last year, shaker-style in Cherry with slab drawers. All plywood construction, doors and drawers are solid cherry. I have a total of 18 boxes, including a tall pantry with slide-out shelves, and side panels around my refrigerator. I did not purchase from Lowe's, but from another local supplier. I hired my own installer.

All of the cabinets arrived in good order with no damage. I was actually really pleased with them when I opened the boxes! No issues with the finish or construction. There was an issue with the light rail in that one of the exposed surfaces was not finished, but Diamond replaced those pieces immediately and quickly. One drawer did not glide like it should, and a new glide was sent right away. I think this is where a smaller, independent dealer has an advantage over Home Depot and Lowes ... my request for replacement parts was not lost in the shuffle and my supplier got them to me fast. Those were my only issues ... minor and resolved quickly. I had ordered a bathroom cabinet (not Diamond) from Lowe's a few years back and the experience wasn't a pleasant one, so shopped elsewhere.

Good luck with your purchase!

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Great choice! Diamond is part of the MasterBrand family of cabinets and shares its long history of producing quality cabinetry. Please visit our website for more information. Or I would be happy to answer your questions.

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