Remove 4" concrete step (separate pour)?

Phaedrus29February 4, 2014

I'd like to remove a 4" raised concrete step/platform in my that this area is level with the rest of the garage floor. I had an inspector over who confirmed that I can cut and remove the section I want to, and stay within code. He pointed out that the 4" step is a separate concrete was poured separately on top of the garage floor.

Then I had a concrete guy over who said that I would have to remove the step AND garage floor in that area, and do a complete repour. Is that right? Is there no way to remove the 4" raised area without destroying/removing the original garage floor? Thanks for the help.

Here is a pic showing the step sitting on the garage floor:

And another pic down the egress, where you can see the separate pour of the raised section and the garage floor:

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If the step was properly poured, there will be rebar/screen inside it to secure it to the floor. There could also be a section under the step that was removed from the old floor. Both methods are used to lock the new material to the old.

It might be possible to remove just the step, you will have to try to find out.

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Thanks for the response. What would the process be for trying to remove the step without messing up the garage floor?

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Use a concrete saw to cut almost all the way through it in 6" increments before breaking it out with a sledge hammer.

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