OK, so here's the question of the day or so it seems.

gramma_jan_mn_zn_4October 14, 2005

ful, come on, you say you post too much - no way - let's see some of it.

Question of the day" What is your favorite hobby above all and why?

Mine is, of course has been art, but since it is becoming an ever so slightly paying proposition, guess I'll have to find something else as a fav. hobby.

Up until this year, I would have said gardening. However, with the long cold wet spring immediately followed by mosquitoes and all the other bugs such as the Asian beetle - ugh, I am unfortunately losing my life long interest in it. I have neglected it all season and can barely wait to put it to bed this weekend. I am hoping to awaken less of it in the spring, but DH comes by change with great difficulty, even tho I was the initial gardener and he would have nothing to do with it in the beginning

I know you want me to say reading, but I read mainly to learn how to do things and for the sociability of my book club of almost 40 years. Reading our newspapers depresses me, sometimes end up in tears - who needs that? I do enjoy some spiritual reading and novels, but to tell the truth, I am such a slow reader, cuz of a physical problem with my eyes, that I find it quite frustrating.

We love to travel, but that is a partnership thing and I cannot see me doing much of it, were I left alone.

I guess I will say decorating. I love problem solving and of course, as an artist, I love color. Nothing makes me feel more excited than changing a room - much to DH's dismay or I would do more of it.

Decorating is the way I feather my nest, the way I show my domesticity, my love of home. I do not like to cook. I do like to clean, however, I hired someone to do that, cuz when I do it, my OC mode clicks in and I have to do it perfectly from the back corner of the house out - that kind of cleaning all the time - whether it needs it or not - just simply takes too much time. Plus now, I can't climb ladders or bend low or I get dizzy. Ain't old age grand? Ha ha, Now, if it is not done well, I can just say, "Oh, I guess the cleaning lady missed that and forget it, cuz I no longer feel it is my responsibility." What a relief.

So what am I decorating, you ask. Right now the money is going to the exterior. The painter is here now. I finally decided to put the same color on, cuz we really like it. It is a medium blue gray - you can't really tell which it is. It looks wonderful with my pink flowers in front and the red ones in back, plus all the blues and purples and a touch of orange for spice. Even the yellows and whites look good with it. They would not show, nearly as well, with the new cheery yellow that I considered. Guess I'll wait for that until we no longer have flowers to cheer us. That's the only immediate decor expense to tell you about, so we'll chat later, I hope.

But to be honest, I sometimes feel like I am talking to myself on this web, cuz so few respond. At least say, "That's more than I want to know."


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Good afternoon,
Medium blue grey sounds just fine. Sounds like my mood...only kiddin...Hobbies well...I know you don't want to hear reading but I must insist...When it is a pursuit outside one's regular occupation engaged in especially for relaxation... The pleasure derived from reading certainly beats watching my tomatoes and cucumbers grow to half the size they were suppose to grow...In the northeast and the garden only gets 5/6 hours sun...I may pass on the garden next year and buy locally.
My new hobby of three years is playing the harmonica...
I now know about 20 songs fairly well and 75 you would not recognize...There is several harmonica sites on the web that are a big help with playing along with...

Take care,

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The internet - partly because I absolutely love being able to look up anything and everything and nearly always get the answer. It is also partly because I would be lonely at home without it. I read a lot of these posts, I instant message with one of my daughters and sometimes send an e-mail to my husband. That's a bit unsatisfying since the one word answer is his speciality, but at least I know that I can access him if I want to. Other then that I read a lot - both novels and non-fiction, mostly church history. Truth be told, I watch a lot of TV. I exercise because I have to, but enjoy walking with my neighbor in the evening and hearing about her day.

I am young to be retired, but the state decided it no longer needed environmental education specialists and nobody else wants an old environmental ed. specialist. For some reason, environmental ed. and the ability to climb mountains and kayak to Alaska are inextricably linked in the minds of potential employers. My husband still has 7 years to retirment and then we plan to move to Arizona

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