something strange with fence

rabbit8February 12, 2009

I hope this is the right site to post. I noticed today that the claps ( aluminum tie wire) that hold the horizonal bars at the top of the rio grande fence looks like someone has been filing on them all the way around it. Our back yard is about 1 yard around. Can anyone help me determine what the problem may be. We have a German Shepherd back there and I know he would keep up noise if someone was doing this.

Thanks so much in advance for your help.

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We have plenty of squirrels, but can they cut wire?

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Could it be the german shepherd chewing on them?

Is is possible to post pictures?

I am assuming it's a chain link fence, in which case the chain link part will be galvanised steel; you said aluminium tie wire, in which case perhaps it's corrosion? There will be a reaction between aluminium and steel, and the former usually becomes the 'sacrificial' part.

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