Retiring to Mexico

josepfOctober 15, 2008

Hi guys,

my name is josepf and i'm considering moving down to Mexico. Have any of you had any experience with this? is it dangerous? i read an article on Living Lake Chapala that talked a little about the security, but was just wondering if anyone had any more information.

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I met a fellow traveler and she said if you can't pass for Mexican, don't go there. Also their law enforcement is not the best. It's "guilty until proven innocent" there. I don't know where Living Lake Chapala is, but there are massacres in big cities and also in border cities. Most of that I have seen on the news, the latter part just recently.

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I haven't yet travelled or lived in Mexico yet but have read many reports of others doing so in this link...

Here is a link that might be useful: travelling and living in Mexico

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It seems that there are areas where foreigners live quite comfortably and safely.

But it seems to me that a greater risk than that of death is of being grabbed and held for ransom.

Also - don't fall afoul of Mexican law. It can cause a lot of fees and subsidies for various agencies ...

... with often very little positive result to show for it.

More or less "what the traffic will bear".

Plus - it seems to me that in various areas of Mexico the drug barons have developed increasing influence, while that of the regime has been waning somewhat, plus in some cases being somwhat influenced by not only the formidable power ... but also the wealth of the drug lords.

ole joyful

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Medical---none--medicare will not pay, and now many other companies are refusing. You cannot own property, regardless what you are told.

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Most people I've heard of who travel in Mexico buy extra medical insurance as well as vehicle insurance.

Many people have dental work done in Mexico as the costs are lower and the work by dentists educated in the US is very good.

I have heard of many Canadians who own property in Mexico and I'd certainly want to hire a lawyer with a very good reputation to handle the transaction just as I would in Canada or the US.

I think the negative reports are sensationalized in the media but in the link I posted above there are many stories by people who have had excellent experiences in Mexico. One recurring theme is that Canadians find it beneficial to fly our flag as well as a Mexican flag so the locals know where they are from. Take that whichever way you like but I don't believe everything is negative in any country.

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There was another thread about this a while ago, that may have some more info.

My in-laws have retired to Mexico. They seem to like it. There are several areas where a lot of Americans congregate together, so that you have the services that you may be used to.

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i read the requirements for foreigners migrating to mexico is very long and they enforce them.

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I just have to believe those answering the OP are already in Mexico and don't want any more Norte Americanos to emmigrate. We lived there for 9 months about 2 years ago. No killings, no abductions, and all the services one is used to up here. Yes you can buy property in Mexico. The state insurance is about $30/person, and you can get personal health insurance very cheaply compared to the US. Dr. visits are so inexpensive that most of us just pay and forget it. We did live in the Chapala area, and there are many US and Canadian citizens there, so most of the natives speak passable English. Our next door neighbor was a Scot who played the bagpipes, so you never know. The border towns and Mexico city, some of the southern mountain states are questionable as to your absolute safety, but except for the border towns I wouldn't take any place off the table. Now I do have to say that Mexico is not for everyone. I personally felt like I had come home. It is like the 50's with shade tree mechanics, radios on, cervasas being consumed. I have to say my husband hated it, so like I said previously, not for everyone.

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mjeble, the Chapala area is where my FIL and his wife have retired as well; I gather there are a lot of Americans living in the area. They seem very happy there, and have had no problems that we're aware of.

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Friends retired within the USA to a lovely town. At the time they thought the 2 1/2 hour drive to a major city was just fine. The new town was growing; had a hospital and all the municipal services like good water, police, fire protection, garbage removal, etc. However the wife developed a chronic and severe medical condition that had them driving to the *really* good medical facilities of major city every week. They sold their nearly new custom dream home and moved.

If anyone is serious about living anywhere new -- and certainly if the place is outside the USA -- I'd suggest renting there for a year before committing to buying.

Growing older is funny. What seems fine when you are still pretty hale and hearty can become difficult as your health wanes -- slowly for some, rapidly for others.

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All this, plus Mexico IS a third world country.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mexico Drug Wars

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i have a hispanic friend, i asked him the same question, as i was thinking about mexico as a retirement spot, he told me if you cant pass as mexican dont go there, and if you can, still dont go there. he says its just not safe.

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Thought I'd throw my two cents(centavos??) Have been to Mexico on numerous occasions but never wanted to live there. I did fall in love with Costa Rica, mainly because of the climate ,particularly mid elevation mountains.
Would be there now except for the wife ,she hates the "Jungle: lol. and I don't want to live in a big city.
I keep telling her that if she wants to live in a large Spanish speaking city let's move to Miami lol. Well actually we already are . Only one of my neighbors was actually born in the US.
My advice to you would be to rent a place ,live there until you find if you like it. The planes ,trains automobiles work both ways. Besides even if you lived there you'd be visiting the US sooner or later.
Why make a commitment???
I wouldn't listen to other people . Geeese take a look at crime statistics in the US.
i have some friends who retired to New Calidonia based on reading a couple of books .!!!
Real pioneers lol Good luck with whatever you decide !!
Might mention that you'll get old even if you stay in the US and time sure seems to go by fast!!! gary

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