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Cara_6October 28, 2002

Almost time to renew our auto insurance. I usually check the prices of at least two other companies first (as 'they' tell you to do in articles!)

I am wondering if The Hartford (thru AARP) is such a good deal. Its just $50.less than what I have now and am wondering if its worth the change...or will it only increase next year!?

Does anyone have it and do they go up in price every year; even if you've never had a claim??

Your thoughts please, for those that have this. TIA

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One thing you can bet on is that ALL companies will increase premiums about once per year.

If you are happy with your present company and know the agent, I wouldn't change.

Have you checked into getting your Home Owners or Rental insurance from the same agency? Sometimes there is a big savings if you have all of that kind of coverage at the same place. I know that our company gives a sizable discount.

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